Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo

Welcome to my world of fine, damaged hair. I stopped dying my hair about 8 months ago and still growing out the old dye (why oh why do we do these things to ourselves?). So my hair isn't looking very well is what I am trying to say, and no shampoo I have tried has done anything for me..... until now!

What It Does:

It's all about the Queensland Macadamia's, it's the nut oil from these that condition and nourish your hair.

Hair Wash:

I absolutely love the smell of this shampoo it just reminds me of a summers day :-) I didn't need to use a lot to get it to lather up in my hair and easily washed away and my hair actually squeaked it was so clean after one round, which is always a good thing when you have fine hair.

I didn't blow-dry my hair as I don't during the week, I like to let it dry naturally so this really put this shampoo to the test as I end up a frizz ball and tie my hair back. Well let me tell you, there will be no more pulling back my hair, I was left with no frizz as my hair had so much moisture in it and looked healthy even the split ends didn't look so bad anymore.

Overall Verdict:

My hair was left with a lovely sheen that smelled gorgeous and looked so nourished. I will definitely buy this again and it will become a staple product in our bathroom after this.




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