Catrice: Photo Finish 18hr Liquid Foundation

I have only recently come across the make-up brand Catrice and I have to say I really like it at the affordable price. When it comes to foundation I usually spent €25 upwards but found that I didn't want to spend that much at the moment. I am totally obsessed now with Catrice now and really impressed with their quality.

What It Does:

The Photo Finish Liquid Foundation has a "Soft Focus Effect" because of it's light-reflecting pigments it makes your complexion look smooth and radiant for up to 18 hours.  It is oil free which is feels light on the skin. It is available in four shades (sand beige, rosy beige, caramel beige and deep bronze).

Let's Face Facts:

For a liquid I didn't find this runny like others I have used before so didn't feel greasy which I am putting down to being oil-free. A little goes a long way I didn't need to use much and still got complete coverage from it. I found it very easy to apply and blended in very well. I was very happy using rosy beige and found it suited me very well. I was so happy with the look I didn't use powder to finish off with. I used this on an especially hot sweaty day (yuck) and found it had staying power, however I did need to add a little after about 8hrs just to touch up.

Overall Verdict:
I really like this foundation and I won't be moving back to my old foundation which came in at €35. This Catrice foundation comes in at €6.35 and I am so impressed with the packaging of frosted glass and pump action, even the writing does not look cheap. You really should give this brand a go I think they are a gem of a find.




  1. I've tried lots of products from this brand. It's defo worth a try!!

    1. I can't believe it took me so long to try, i am going to get one of their blushes next to try out and an eye shadow palette next, so stay tuned for reviews on them. Thank you for commenting on the blog x

  2. You definitely need to try their lip stain, I can't remember the name and too lazy to go find mine but it basically looks like a felt tip pen. Unreal staying power x

    1. Sounds nice i love lip stains so will definitely put that on the list for my shopping trip this weekend. Thank you!

      Lilliwhiterose xx


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