Sanctuary Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF15

I was in Boots the other day and saw they had 3 for 2 on travel size products, I find this brilliant when I happen on something I never tried before which means I don't have to splurge.

I have dry sensitive skin and always use moisturiser and SPF is always a must, so decided to give this a try, especially after experiencing some of Sanctuary's body care range and loving it. So let's get on with the show and let you know what I thought of this product.

"Antioxident red bush tea protects the skin against damaging free radicals, while moisturising algae and papaya extracts balance hydration levels within the skin. 

Radiance-boosting particles even and illuminate skin for a dewy finish."

Face Time:

So I have the face cleansed and off I go with putting on my new moisturiser, first thing to hit me was the refreshing smell which was lovely.  That is about it after that I was disappointed, the moisturiser didn't soak in very well on my skin, and as for the dewy look it was meant to give, my face looked greasy!

In the name of fairness I decided to keep it on and just see what it could do....... After about 2 hrs I did notice that my skin looked hydrated and the dryness gone also the greasy look faded and I was left with a glow, but to me that is too long. I can't wait around for a moisturiser to look okay when I have things to do and be out and about with my little one.

Today I have noticed that my skin tone looks a bit more even so I am putting that down to the moisturiser.

Overall Verdict:

Will I continue to use this? No, i don't have time with my little one she will get impatient waiting, so maybe I am being unfair about this product and not giving it a proper go, but what doesn't work for me may work for you. Maybe I should use it as a night-time moisturiser. Now that's a thought!

€20.33 full size 75mls



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