The Pram Doctor Wexford

I discovered the amazing concept of "The Pram Doctor" about three months ago on Facebook. So today I made a trip........

What is it?

The Pram Doctor specializes in fixing/cleaning/maintaining wanted and unwanted prams/buggies and lots more and sells them through their shop "pram garage" which is based at their home. To me I think this is a wonderful idea especially as we are now living in a recession and every bit helps when trying to save. It can be an expensive time with your first baby when you are trying to get everything for the first time and then maybe buy a little extra for grandma and granddads house so this concept is ideal. They also help sell your unwanted items.

Customer Service.

I have to praise Nina for her exceptional customer service skills, she is always quick to reply to e-mails and comments on Facebook, and is so nice to chat to that the time flew away with us when we finally met.

I initially got in touch through Facebook, I e-mailed about a stroller I saw on her website that I would like to see and she got back to me so quickly and we had a chat about what I was looking for. The directions she gave me were spot on which is always a plus (you don't want to get lost with an 18 month teething tot in the back!).

The stroller I had picked on the website unfortunately didn't fit the boot of our car but Nina was very accommodating letting me look at others and giving me a few tips on what to look for (I have a bad back so looking for something light to lift). Unfortunately this time round we didn't find what we were looking for but will certainly be checking out the website and Facebook page as both are regularly updated.

Overall Verdict:

Check The Pram Doctor out there and you may find the gem you are looking for, with up to 70% off nursery goods you can't go wrong.


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