#JuneBBC Day 21: Favourite Nail Look/Art

I am the most useless person for nails, I cannot to them for love or money but love looking at peoples nail art and what colours and designs they are doing especially Behind Green Eyes she has the most beautiful nails design and only wish that I could replicate. So I decided tonight that I was going to make an attempt.

I love the constellation look so I bought MUA Nail Constellation in Gemini:

It doesn't help that I have a shake in my hand but I put some clear nail varnish on and sprinkled away to my hearts content. Patients is a virtue while waiting for this to set and I was glad I hung in there because this was the result:
Before & After

My Effort

If you have any tips for me please leave a comment and let me know, like how to keep the little constellations from falling off when I go to bed!?! I know I have a long way to go when it comes to doing my nails but I do think it's relaxing and I will persevere.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely mention x I haven't tried any of the MUA constellations but way to go choosing Gemini ;-) Put a thick coat of clear topcoat over the top & it'll stop them falling off x

    1. Thank you for the tip i will put a topcoat on next time, i had so much fun doing my nails last night. Trying to be more adventurous with the colours and stuff. Thank you for the inspiration xx


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