#JuneBBC Day 3: Favourite Hair Product

I am always looking for hair products that give my lifeless, dry, fine hair. I recently discovered Aussie Shampoo and I am raging with myself that I never ever tried it before.

Aussie Shampoo

I have recently reviewed Aussie Miracle Shampoo and I will not be without it now, my hair is so healthy, shiny and has some lift in it that I feel like there is a bounce in my step as well as my hair.

I am defiantly going to try more of these products in the future and would love to get their Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner next, oh and also their Frizz products my hair gets awfully frizzing in the summer.

I have had a few compliments on how my hair is looking now so obviously it's not just me, the results are there for everyone to notice.

You can check out the Aussie website to see their full range of products here.


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