#JuneBBC Day 7: Favourite Lip Product

I have missed out on the first few #JuneBBC which has been brought to you by girlfridays beauty blog so check her out and read some of her amazing posts, also follow the hashtag #JuneBBC on twitter. 

Now for today it's all about Lip products, so for me this is going to very short and sweet! 

The Look I Like:

I am very much for the natural look when it comes to my lips, for one simple reason.... I have never ever found a lipstick or gloss to suit me.

Lip Product:

So to keep my lips in tip top condition I use two products, one which is always in my handbag is Vaseline (which i discover a new use for it every week) it gives a nice sheen to my lips and keeps them subtle.

Second is Lush's Mint Julips Lip Scrub, which clears away the dead skin and it leave them moisturised and smooth and the smell and taste of Mint Julips is divine it's like mint choc chip ice-cream on a summers day. Yum! I also love the little jar it comes in so cute and seems to last a long time which is great for me as we don't have a Lush shop near us.

One day I hope I will find a lipstick or gloss to suit me but until that day I won't give up on my Vaseline and Lush's Mint Julips.


  1. I totally agree about vaseline, I think it's uses are infinite!
    I hope you're well and hope to speak soon.
    Laura xx


  2. Vaseline is great for the whole family too! thank you for the comment and will check your website out.
    Lilliwhite xx


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