#JuneBBC: Reflection

Some of the pictures used in the June Beauty Blogger Challenge.

Wow what a month this has been and #JuneBBC has been an amazing to be part of. Now June has not been a good month for me it has been a disaster, between rushing our little one to the hospital who is okay now, my granny rushed to hospital and then me getting treatment for Hyperthyroidism and now quarantined for 3 weeks away from my little girl. Unfortunately I couldn't commit in the end to posts everyday (I could kick myself) but it wasn't meant to be. The posts I have done I really enjoyed doing and it has given me the incentive to keep going, I honestly didn't expect anyone to read my blog but I am amazed at the wonderful comments and the amount of pageviews.

I have made new friends and it has given me the confidence to chat to other bloggers and feel like I am becoming part of the community.  I have discovered some amazing blogs through #JuneBBC and have had some great conversations.

During a time of chaos #JuneBBC has given me something that was constant during this month even though I wasn't. So I need to give a big thank you to Girl Friday and congratulations on the success of this challenge she brought to us all.

Lilliwhiterose xx


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I have loved all of your posts and look forward to reading lots more in the future! Thank you for doing #JuneBBC and really embracing the spirit of it. :)

    1. Thank you so much for hosting it. I have loved reading everyone's posts and getting to know everyone. It helped me trough the month for sure xx

  2. Aw you've had a tough month and you've been a trooper with the challenge, fair play to you. Hope all is well now x

    1. Aw thank you, it was so much fun joining in on the challenge and Girl Friday was amazing about the whole thing. I will be with my little one again on the 18th so counting down the days here xx


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