Shine On Blogger Award

I was absolutely delighted to be nominated for the Shine On Blogger Award, and I have "Such A Silly Sausage..." to thank for this. Please Please check her blog out and also her 500 Movie Checklist which I know myself and my hubby would love to do.

So on with the show......   The Rules of The Award:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link the award back to the person who nominated you by thanking them.
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award, and let them know.

7 Things About Me:

1.  I was head hunted when I was 18 to be a model, I did a stint but it wasn't for me I prefer to be behind the camera. However it did give me a great boost to my confidence as I was extremely shy as a teenager.

2.  I wanted to be an Egyptologist and secretly I still do so maybe one day I will bite the bullet and go back to college and study for a whole new career! I did get to go to Egypt in 2007 and it was a dream come true.

3.  I am a big child at heart and could sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons preferably anything Disney all day long.

4.  I wash my hands waaaaaay to much because I hate to think of germs on my hands, I actually start to panic if my hands are dirty.

5.  My favourite makeup brand is Benefit and love the fun of going to the Benefit counter.

6.  If I could be an animal in the next life I would be a Meerkat, I think they are the cutest most adorable animal I have ever seen.

7.  I am an avid reader who does not like to fold my pages, can't read my book with a dust cover on it, and can never part with my books but starting to run out of room in the house.

So I hope that may have helped you get to know me a little better and ow I will try and tag 15 bloggers, I apologise if you have already been nominated and didn't spot it.

3.     Beauty Fang
6.    Simply Abbi
14.  GlossCo
15.  Small Screen Saver

I hope you accept and look forward to seeing what you come up with.


  1. I <3 cartoons too! I'm currently re-watching Hey Arnold! on Netflix! :-)

    1. Nothing better than losing yourself in a cartoon and going back to the innocence of it all xx

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of me hun! So lovely of you! :) x

    1. No problem at all hope you enjoy doing it if you get the time xx


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