Glossybox July 2013

This months theme Seaside Splash!

Seaside Splash? Yes Please!

I was so excited when I opened up the parcel to discover this amazing sea blue box with some reefs on it, with a beautiful blue ribbon and gorgeous paper inside, things are looking promising for what's inside.......

Looks promising

When I opened the box I was absolutely delighted to see it was brighter and more pleasing on the eye compared to last months, and straight away I delved into the box to see what I could use and try and what was new to me.

1. Anatomicals-Spray Mist For Me Facial Spritz:

Starting off with Anatomicals-Spray Mist For Me Facial Spritz. This has been my go to product for the last 6 days due to the unbelievable heat we are having in Ireland at the moment. I like it so much I have been trying to hunt it down to buy another one but can't find it anywhere where I live. This smells absolutely gorgeous and find it to be relaxing. It was really refreshing and moisturising, and has calming lavender and refreshing peppermint extracts to help re-hydrate and calm skin and I believe it done all that for me. It claims to set make-up but I skeptical about that one.

2. Coola Organic Suncare Collection:

I wish this was a bigger sample, nearly out after 3 applications. The Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint, I found to be lightweight and it soaked in very quickly and also thought it stopped me from having a shiny T-Zone longer than usual. I haven't been wearing my full face of make-up in this weather, so I was delighted to find this in my Glossybox. It provides complete UVA/UVB protection and fights free radicals. I didn't find it to be soothing like it said it would, but did find it to tone and minimise my pores.
Coola Organic Swatch

 3. Alterna Haircare:

I don't use any heat tools in the summer I  just let my hair dry naturally and I have a natural wave going through my hair, so thought I would try this and see if it would give it a bit more of.....something. This supposedly gives you beachy waves, texture, volume and healthy shine. This actually flattened out my hair at the ends and it gave no volume but I did like that it wasn't sticky and didn't leave a hard feel to the hair.

4. Essie Sleek Sticks:

I haven't opened this yet I am keeping these for the weekend so if anyone has tried them let me know in the comment section below. I am looking forward to trying them and they like fun.

5. Sleek Makeup Pout Paint

We got a little bonus with these, because they are a pair we ended up really with 6 products in the box. When I saw these I was intrigued, then I put them on my hand to swatch and nearly freaked out.

Seriously a little goes a long way and they are to be mixed together or with your other lipsticks to brighten or add vibrancy. These are not my cuppa tay at all at all, I don't wear anything on my lips except for vaseline so a little wasted on me. I also noticed a watery blob come out which I did not like. There was a lot of questions on twitter as to what to do with these so Glossybox put a piece on their blog about it, so check that out here. Also after the swatch I tried to get it off but no baby wipe are serious scrubbing over the basin would shift this, but I had just bought LOréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution and that done the job in two quick swipes. Oh yeah I thought they tasted like sherbet sweets.

Overall I really enjoyed this months Glossybox, the box was beautiful as well as the presentation and the products were spot on. Let me know if you liked your box this month and if you got something different let me know. Will keep going with Glossybox for another while now after this.


  1. Oh I love those pout paints really kicking myself for not getting Glossy Box this month! Every time I see a Glossybox review for July I'm like DAMN! I reckon you'll be able to get that facial spray easy enough online :) x

    1. I'm going to give the pout paints another go, going to be adventurous :) I checked boots, asos, cloud10 but to no avail so will have to widen the search :)Have to say this months outdone their birthday box couldn't believe it myself.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
      Lilliwhiterose xx


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