Guest Post: Summer Nails by Amy's Annex

Summer Nails!

I have a huge love for nail varnish, and nail art altogether, so when I was asked to do a guest post I jumped at the opportunity as it is right up my street!

Here are my five favourite summer colours so far.  I’m sure when I’m next out shopping I’ll pick up a few more! :P
MUA – Bright Coral, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine – Prickly Pear, Barry M – Peach Melba, Barry M – Base and Top Coat, Avon Nailwear Pro – Pastel Pink, and lastly Saffron – Colour 54.

I really love this colour as it quite bright! The bottle states that it is a ‘bright coral’ but I see it as more of a hot pink.  Apart from that minor flaw, I cannot fault this product at all. With all the other polishes in the previous picture I had to do two coats, but with this you only need to do one! And it’s only £1!
This has to be one of my all-time favourite nail polishes.  It is Barry M’s Gelly in Prickly Pear and really is beautiful! It’s such a subtle colour, yet manages to stand out from a normal pastel.  The high shine just adds to the beauty.
Again, another colour from Barry M, this time Peach Melba.  This was my favourite nail polish last summer and is still in my top 5 this summer.  It goes with anything and I feel it makes my hands look younger somehow!  I love mixing this colour and the prickly pear as seen above.  I’ve tried to ombre the colours! Although for me it came out a bit messy, which I will perfect over time, the colours together looked amazing blending into one and other.  If you have any pastel colours such as these, try it! I would love to see what it looks like J
Next up is Pastel Pink by Avon.  I love this colour to pieces, but the only flaw with this is the varnish itself.  The colour is amazing, but, when you apply it you have to do two or three coats as it comes out a little chalky and liney.  I’m not sure if there’s any way to stop this, but as you can see in the picture above, it’s not the best quality nail varnish around.  If you can find a colour like this but from a quality brand, then pleaseeeee buy it!

Last up is this beautiful pale blue.  It’s from a very cheap brand from one of those small make up shops usually hidden down an alleyway, although I have seen these floating round eBay for no more than £2 including postage.  Even though it’s so cheap, I would say it’s a much better quality than the Avon one I previously mentioned.  It does need two coats like many polishes, but dries fairly quickly, and is quite shiny and smooth too! J ps sorry about the messiness above, but as you can see, this colour is very easy to apply; it’s practically mess-free! 

I hope you have liked my top 5 summer nails! I would love to know what yours are and if you have any of these colours!
I would like to thank the lovely Lilliwhiterose for allowing me to guest post for her!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing it! J
Lots of Love

Amy's Blog can be found here and really recommend taking the time to pop over and have a good read. Amy was very kind to jump to the challenge of giving me a great post on Summer Nails, as a lot of you may know i am useless when it comes to doing my own nails. So Amy thank you very very much. Lilliwhiterose xx


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