Vaseline Spray & Go

Aloe Fresh

I have heard some mixed views on Vaseline Spray & Go, so when I saw it in our local Boots I decided to find out for myself and departed with €6.69.

The Product:

It says that it "moisturises in seconds, so you can put your clothes straight on". It has a continuous spray so in quick time it's all over your body ready to be rubbed in, leaving your skin soft with its multi-layer moisture, not sticky and not greasy. So just spray it on rub it in and off you go (make sure to get dressed first, that would be very important!).

The Packaging:

It comes in a pressurised tin container that has a cap which you twist to open and lock, which is great to put in your gym bag or suitcase and not worry.

Soaks in really quick no more sitting like a zombie in a freezing room.
Not sticky.
Non Greasy.
Nice packaging.
Twist lock/open.
Smells Nice.

Can't use it in the bathroom or run the risk of slipping over on the tiles from the mist that falls on it from the product. So would recommend using it while standing on a towel or in a carpeted room. It does state this on the packaging if you can read the small writing on it.
Need to use it twice a day to keep that moisturised feeling.
There are parabens in it.
For those that have dry skin this might not be heavy duty enough for you.
Overall Verdict:

For sheer handiness I really like this product. I have mentioned before my love for anything that saves time as I don't have much for it before little one wakes up. I choose the Aloe Fresh because it is summertime so like something fresh and it helped sooth my sunburned shoulders (so much for factor 50!). My skin has been feeling softer but like to use it again before bed for that extra dose of moisture and for that fresh feeling.

€6.15 Boots


Let me know in comments if you tried this and what your thoughts were on it? Would love to hear from you all xx


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