Glossybox August 2013 High-Flyers

This months theme High-Flyers:

Yes I could be a high-flier :-D
This month we are back to the Glossybox traditional baby pink box with black paper and baby pink ribbon!

I'm not a fan of the black paper I think it makes it look messy and boring!

So let's take a look at our High-flyers:

1. From Brazil we have the Makeup Remover Pen:
This is to help with those little on the go mistakes we make around our eyes, lips and pesky corners that smear. I'm intrigued and I will give it a go. The bonus of this is that it came with refills!

2. From the USA we have TRESemme, Platinum Strength Concentrated Treatment Shot:
I never seem to go wrong with TRESemme so this is a nice little treat in this months box.

3. From the UK it's Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow/Liner.
Straight off when I saw this I was disappointed because I have received a lot of Jelly Pong Pong products in these boxes, but as always I will give it a try.

4. From the USA, Eucerin Aquaphor.
I've already used this and it's now in my handbag and it's perfect for my sensitive skin. So this is my favourite product in this months box by far.

5. From Sweden, Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler.
I haven't used an eyelash curler since......well I actually can't remember. This also came with extra pads. This is something I will use and always handy to have and really should've had one!

Overall it was an okay box, but it had a lot to live up to after last months greatness. What did you think of this months box? Let me know in the comment section below. Also you can check out my previous Glossybox reviews here.


  1. Hhmm don't think I'd be overly impressed with this beauty box if I got it, great post though!

    1. Hi Makeup Monster, i do try to be as diplomatic as i can be in the posts but if you notice i didn't go all out like i usually do with the glossybox posts :-( This month is really a let down so here's hoping next month will be better! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, always appreciated xx

  2. Great review, I have yet to see a box that will convince me I've completely missed out by never signing up! Saying that, at least there are no tiny meagre samples this time like there are in some previous ones.

    1. I do like the surprise each month and there have been some gems especially last months which was amazing. Also love showing my mum and my friends and doing some swaps :-D You are right about the samples in previous ones they can be annoying xx

  3. I used to get them but was always dissapointed after the excitement of waiting for it :(

    1. Hi Yaz, Last months was absolutely brilliant that it kinda made me hang in there so don't think i will renew after Christmas, unless it's a Christmas gift from someone ahem! xx


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