What's in Junior's Changing Bag

Hello Mr. Ladybug!

Long gone are the days of the big changing bag that I dragged around for nearly a year and packed everything but the kitchen sink. 

What's in the changing bag.

So let's take a closer look:

1. Lidl Toujours Nappy Bags.
Always a must to have.

2. Tesco Ultra Soft Non Fragranced Wipes.
Does the job and aren't harsh on our little ones sensiteve bum and under 1 Euro.

3. Milton Sterilising Tablets.
Best invention ever.

4. Avent Travel Spoon & Fork.
Little one likes to feel she is a big girl & this has been brill for travelling with and the fork is perfect for her little hands.

5. Avent Travel Cup.
This comes everywhere, but little one has a problem with lifting the cap sometimes.

6. Moogoo Nappy Balm.
I have done a review on this here, and we never leave for anywhere without this, it's one of the best nappy balms in my opinion.

7. Milton Steriliser for Soothers.
Really would be lost without this tiny invention.

8. Are We Nearly There Yet? Baggage Tag.
Just in case Ladybug discovers she has wings that can fly :-)

9. Lidl Nappies.
My thoughts on these nappies here.

10. Snackpot.
Great for keeping the snacks fresh and doesn't take up much room.

11. Toy.
Today's toy is the trusty musical Maraca.

Also Suncream and sterilising hand gel usually live in this bag but currently residing in my handbag


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