Disney Cakes & Sweets Weekly Magazine

Not sure if any of you have seen these, but I saw the Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine advertised on telly recently and have decided to collect them for Lillibug.

I do like baking but i'm not the greatest (according to my Dad's wedding speech) and I thought it would be a great idea to collect and try out the recipes with Lillibug.

The first three magazines have the instructions on how to make the big princess castle which I really really want to try and succeed at, because it is my plan to try and make it for Lillibug's birthday in November. Maybe I'm running away with myself but it is going to be interesting to see how I get on.

Some of the recipes have different difficulties so going to start with a few of the lower ones first like Piglet's snuffle truffles in above picture.

Then I'm going to move up to Tinker Bell's fairy-wing cupcakes.

The magazines are weekly and cost €5.99 which I think so far are reasonable as we are getting the moulds and what we need for decorating the castle with them.

So I am thinking of doing posts on how I progress with this series of baking and wondering if you would be interested in the posts? So let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Available in your local newsagents or you can subscribe here.
Issue 1 Cost €1.99 Issue 2 €3.99 these were promotional prices and issue 3 on wards will cost €5.99.


  1. Oh My God, the castle cake!!! You have to make it!

    1. Looks amazing and hard to do! I am going to give it a go but I can't promise it will be a success, so keep an eye out for my post on it you may get a laugh out of it if nothing else :-) xx

  2. Hi just came across your blog and seen you have issue 2 of the Disney cakes and sweets mag I've got issue 1 but been trying to find issue 2 and had no luck I've even tried on the magazines website but out of stock, so was wondering if you could possible help as me and my sister-in-law want to make the castle cake for her daughters/my niece's birthday in April. If possible could you pass on the information in issues 2 of the castle cake please as would be very much appreciated. My email address is puggles3@hotmail.com thank you Kerry x

    1. Hi Kerry, I will be in touch later tonight through the email you left for me. I hope I can be of help so going to go fish out where that issue is. The castle looks fab and would look beautiful for your niece's birthday! Chat later tonight xx

    2. Aww thank you soo much any help would be great. Chat later x


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