#SBBC Day 14: The Post I'm Proudest Of!

Back in July I came across 4 amazing ladies who were new to blogging just like myself, so we decided to do a collaboration. I remember I was so nervous about doing this, my main concern was that I would let the them down, so there was a little bit of pressure to get this right. The pressure didn't come from the girls at all they were amazingly supportive, so after a number of tweets and a million e-mails we agreed on doing "Date Night" where each of us took an element from skincare, make-up, outfit, nails and hair.

These are my amazing collaborators and friends, please check their blogs as they are fantastic:

Our posts went live on the 28 of July 2013, and the response from our readers was brilliant. My skincare post became my top viewed post ever on my blog and it is the post I am proudest of.

If you haven't read it please check it out it here. We are planning another collaboration in early October so keep an eye out for that everyone, it's something I am really excited about.


  1. Just read that post there, great tips! Must keep an eye out for that micellar water too!

    1. It's great stuff, really does the job for me so hope if you get it you like it :) I had so much fun doing the post and skincare has always been a must for me, glad you like the tips xx

  2. That collaboration was brilliant, I'm delighted to hear you're doing another one x

    1. It was great to do so much fun. I will await the day you and your sis do one i have a feeling it will be one to watch x x x


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