#SBBC Day 23: Bumps & Falls Toddlers

About Lillibug:
Our little one is reaching 22 months in the next week and all I keep saying is "oh my baby is growing up". Her baby look is well and truly gone, and she is blossoming into an amazing little girl. Her personality is strong emotionally and physically and is extremely social and happy.

The Fall to the Bump:
Lillibug is very strong willed and likes to do things herself with no help, so imagine our complete shock when we saw her going for a big jump off the step of the back door. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, with hubby trying to get to her on time..........but no hubby didn't make it! Lillibug went face first into a concrete slab on the patio!

Now this is our first real experience of such an incident, yes we have dealt with the rashes, high temperatures, colds and flu's but this was a total shock to my system.

Lillibug started crying and clung to her Daddy while I rushed looking for a towel (first towel i could find was a spanking new white one) to clean off the dirt from her face. We were greeted with a whopper of a swollen lip and a cut just under her septum which was "gushing" blood.

Back to Reality:
Lillibug recovered pretty quick, us however it took a little longer. Is she okay? Is she in shock? Are we in shock? Are her teeth damaged? Is it my fault? Those were a lot of questions that went through our heads.
Lillibug went about her afternoon as norm then and no her septum wasn't "gushing blood" it was trickling so that was a major exaggeration on my part. A nice bump on her head later developed but went down after a few hours.

Today she is sporting a nice scab under her nose of which I am convinced she likes to show off as a badge of honour (meaning she has officially gone into her toddler years and she is delighted).

Source: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/bft/wellness/stresstips.xhtml

I think I have officially got my first grey hair because of it! Now we know if she is anything like me, she will have many cuts and bruises to go and so I may as well accept that it is going to happen and I cannot wrap her cotton wool.

I also know how far off today's challenge I am but when i sat down to write this is what was on my mind and went with it, and I also haven't written anything Lillbug related in a while.


  1. It was a hot topic for you - that's the point! ;) Glad LO is okay. Hope you recover from the shock soon! :P

    1. Ha ha well go me just realised that I was looking at topics for 24th oopps! I'm getting over the shock and keep checking if the grey hair is just a dull blonde hair lol. xx

  2. I'm glad she's okay and didn't seriously hurt herself x This is the one thing I'm not looking forward to going through all over again with the babies, the amount of times my son has put the heart crossways in me - cuts, bumps, black eye, nosebleeds, falls - no wonder I was getting grey hair at 22!! x

    1. Thank you, looking back now she really did get away lightly she was very lucky! I'm sure you will have two angels who will bounce back to their Mammy with no bother at all :-D Not long to go now till babies arrive so exciting! xxx

  3. Ah you poor thing you must have got such a fright! Glad she's ok!

    1. I am finally over the shock now thanks Makeup Monster :) All good now here and i'm sure there will be plenty more of the bumps and tumbles!


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