#SBBC Day 4: Favourite Hand Cream

Unfortunately I don't have one, every time I need or run out of one I always try a new brand. I don't know why I do this but I just haven't come across that one that amazes me.

Where I store my hand creams.
 I do suffer from dry hands that crack and bleed at certain times especially in the winter months, but find that moisturising is a must as well as using gloves 3 times a week.

I do go for Soap and Glory a lot and will always have the full size as well as a travel size hand cream in my bag from them. I love their Endless Glove Hand Mask which I use twice a week and just pop my gloves over my hands for a few hours, it leaves my hands so smooth and fresh looking.

Nivea hand cream, I always seem to bring with me when I travel and does the job.

I never go wrong with Aveeno and is always in the stock pile but find it thick and takes awhile to soak in.

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant is great for putting over any cracks I get in hands and it amazingly does the job.

L'Occitane Skin Brightening Hand Cream, is gorgeous and after testing out this sample will go and buy full size at some stage.

I also recently won Sam McCauleys Freebie Friday on Twitter and won Yes! Nurse, Protect Your Lovely Hands so can't wait to try it out as I never have before. So far I love the packaging and the consistency of the cream so will review that in a few weeks for you all.

If there is a hand cream for my hands that you would recommend or highly rate please let me know in the comments section below I just can't get enough as you can see :)


  1. I still haven't found the hand cream! I really want to get the endless gloves hand cream, I used to love hand food but I think the formula changed and it just feels greasier..... Really need a new hand cream!

    1. I agree about the formula of Hand Food, but love Endless Gloves! Yaz recommended Garnier's 7 day intensive so going to get that one next and try it!

  2. Awh, you've such a big collection of handcream, and these are just your faves! I'll have to try and be more patient with it!

    1. I have another 4 or 5 knocking around the place! I really like all of them for different reasons but still haven't found the holy grail as such x

  3. I've tried the Garnier 7 day one you mentioned there in a comment and it's brilliant! I like the Mane n Tail one at the minute but I need a thicker one for winter, Aldi often have a l'occitane dupe, it's a lovely thick Shea Butter one. I love the little bag you use to store your creams! x

    1. Shame on me i didn't realise Mane n Tail done one will have to check that out and will be getting the Garnier one when my spending ban is over :-) xx


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