#SBBC Day 7: Fantasy Dinner Party

I decided to pick Fantasy Dinner Party because I thought it was so different and never put much thought into it before (except for thinking of a candlelit meal for two with me and Hugh Jackman!). So I've been trying to make a list for days now and I could only think of dead people I would like at the table but it sounded very weird and strange, so had a complete rethink.

So here it is: 
The table will be set for 6 which I think is comfortable and intimate.

Pic Credit: Pinterest
The Meal:
I'm the most useless cook and i'm not into fancy food, so I would hire a chef who will cook us a traditional Irish dinner, the wine will be flowing and a selection of desserts to choose from will be never ending!

The Guests:

Mandy Patinkin - Amazing singer and actor. He's most well known for his role of Gideon in "Criminal Minds", or Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride".
Mary Robinson - First female President of Ireland and our 7th President, amazing intelligent Irish woman who transformed the role of an Irish President.
Hugh Jackman- Fantastic Actor and singer who I think I possibly could run away with :) sshh don't tell hubby!
Kathy Reichs- My favourite author who created the "Bones" series of books which went on to become a hugely popular TV show, and who is also a forensic anthropologist.
Miss Piggy - Strong, Intelligent, Beautiful she will bring amazing conversation to the table which will give us lots of laughs!
Me- Blogger, daughter, wife, mammy, and dreamer.

The Conversation:
Anything from Politics, Movies, Books, Jokes and a bit of Gossip. I'm relying on Miss Piggy for the Hollywood gossip :)

Who would you have at your fantasy dinner? Let me know in the the comments below.


  1. Fabulous selection! I approve of the Gideon choice;) I would definitely have Nathan Fillion at mine, I love him!

    1. Thanks i actually found this a tough one decide on but not on him, i love him too x

  2. Brilliant choices! I met Mary Robinson a few times and she was such a lovely, warm woman. She'd be brilliant at a dinner party x

    1. I met her once and shook her hand but would loved to have actually talked to her and put the world to right so i think i would sit beside her at the table :) xx

  3. I love how you'd invite miss piggy! I love her! haha :) Interesting to read about your other guests too :) X

    1. Thanks Aoife, it was great fun coming up with my guests and i needed to throw in some fun :P x


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