#SBBC Day 9: Collecting

A lot of you may already know that I am married to Kevin from http://smallscreensaver.blogspot.ie/ who has a passion for movies, well here is a secret......I also am a big movie buff. The first conversation I had with my husband was about movies and that's how the connection was made between the two of us and we haven't looked back since! 
Just a taster of what we have :-D
Now when I moved in with hubby we were both in shock with how big my collection of DVD's actually was and he could not believe that it was bigger than his! So to date we have........

677 DVD's and Blu-rays combined and I just want to boast the majority are mine!

DVD Collection
Disney have their own special shelving to the left as they are my pride and joy. As you can see from picture there is a gap but5 that is because they are downstairs waiting to be watched! We don't have as many Blu-rays but it a collection that is growing and Christmas isn't far off.

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  1. That's amazing!! Seriously impressive collection. I went through a phase of buying them but then I traded a load in because we had no space anymore! x

    1. Our spare room is taken up with them! Think we will need to build an extension for the collection at some stage ha ha. Hubby brought a whole load to charity a few weeks ago thinking it would make a difference but nope it didn't. xx


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