#SBBC Shop My Stash: Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch

 This has been sitting in my drawer for months now until I saw that this post was coming up on the challenge and fished it out of a very messy forgotten drawer!

I have absolutely no idea why on earth I forgot all about this. It's not the most amazing of products but there is a little bit of magic to be had with this little beaut. I noticed my skin was looking a bit dull and gloomy and I haven't been wearing much makeup of late so this was a great little pick me up.

It doesn't give a major pop like a blusher, but it gives a warm radiant glow to the skin just where you need it. So this really was a great pick me up during the last few weeks.

I'm down with a cold now and running a temperature so I say I could hold off on using this for the rest of the week. Oh Well...........


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