#SBBC: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

My love for Urban Decay Palettes has really taken over to any others I have lately and when I saw that they had the Vice 2 coming out I just knew I had to jump in and get it straight away!

Outer Packaging

The Product:
Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

The palette comes with 20 eyeshadows mostly jewel toned, plenty of glitter and some neutrals and some to smoke it up! The textures are buttery and soft and so nice to apply!

It comes with a double ended eyeshadow/blending brush which I think is nice but I prefer to use my Real Techniques brush set for eyes.

Close Up:

Smokeout: Found this to be a dark smokey brown

Lovesick: Glittery matte black

Shellshock: Beautiful highly pigmented metallic silver.

Coax: Metallic pink, and love the tiny bits of glitter in it. The texture is just gorgeous!

X-Rated: Baby pink with a shimmer.

Prank: Matte deep navy with gorgeous blue glitter and it's not chunky glitter.

Madness: Metallic Blue which just reminds me of the water in a tropical lagoon, it has amazing blue tiny glitter. 

Strike: Antique gold with shimmer which is beautiful and when i saw this initially i didn't think it was going to be as pigmented as it is.

Stash: Olive green with gold shimmer.

Poison: Charcoal satin with multi-coloured specks of glitter.

Radar: Metallic Brown with chunky glitter but I don't think that it transfers well on to me at all.

Damaged: Metallic Green which transfers beautifully on the eyelids. Love the shimmer too.

Voodoo: Metallic Purple with purple glitter but depending on light can have a blue tint to it.

Betrayal: Satin Purple/Blue. So far I haven't had a clue what to do with this so need to look up some tutorials because I can't let this go to waste!

Derailed: Metallic Brown which has shimmer.

Dope: Beautiful Champagne Satin, I absolutely love working this in to my eye look.

Toxic: Metallic Copper with Pink Shimmer, not as pigmented as I was expecting but still a lovely colour.

Habit: Nude Matte, this is my least favourite in the palette, I find it doesn't go on to my eyelid smoothly.

Ambush: Metallic Brown Satin, with red tint to it. Texture is fabulous on this one.

Rewind: Brown Matte, which I don't use as it goes on very uneven on me, which you maybe able to see on the swatch.

The Packaging:

The palette is just divine, I love the eye popping purple palette with the crystal effect UD logo on front. You just press the button and up pops your palette automatically to show you your mirror and all your luxurious eyeshadows. Another thing of note is the big mirror and the fact that it stays up and you don't have to hold it. 

Overall Verdict:
I love love love the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and I am experimenting so much with this one as there are so many colours to choose from and mix it all up. The brush that comes with it is one that you will actually keep and use which to me is a bonus (I have a habit of throwing them out). The metallic jewel toned shades are my favourite, but I have experimented with smokey looks and they have come out wonderful with this palette. I would recommend using an eye primer to really intensify the colours, and just to let you know I didn't use one in the swatches.





  1. I keep seeing this palette and wanting to buy it! I have a thing for anything purple but I refuse to admit that's the reason ;) I wish they had more matte colours tho :(
    Loved the post :) x

    1. Purple is my favourite colour so I was instantly attracted to this palette :) I knew I was going to love it with all the glitter and shimmer but that isn't for everyone unfortunately :( If you get it let me know how you get on with it :) xx

  2. What a fab palette! That silver looks amazing all the colours are so different but look really wearable

    1. You would be right about the silver, I keep trying to incorporate it into my eye look everyday now :-) xx


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