Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder

The new addition to Benefit's Box o' Powder range is Rockateur!

The Product:
A blush which consists of Pink, Peach and Rose Gold with shimmer. The shimmer however is only a layer on top and after just 4 uses it disappeared to leave a semi-matte finish on the skin. The powder is baked to give a higher colour payoff which lasts all day, which I have to agree with. There is 5g of product which is a bone of contention among some me included, especially as it's the same price as other Box o' Powders, it does however state on the website it lasts as long, and I know some who have gotten this in June and haven't hit pan yet so that's a good sign.

The Packaging:
Black lace, gold crocodile skin, chains and studs, you can't miss it among the other Box o' Powders. It comes with a mirror in the lid which is very small and I have only used it once.


Overall Verdict:
On my pale white Irish skin I find this works too much like a bronzer and if I try and build it up it can look orange. For this to work for me I have to use a light hand and when I do get it right it can lift my skin. The pigment isn't the most amazing when swatched but the powder does last all day. So far the blush is holding up well with no cracks or breakage. As I said before I know a few that have had this since June and have yet to hit pan, but I find that the whole thing has been misleading by Benefit and I am not impressed with the price tag. The colour might not be for everyone, and even after a month I am still on the fence with this one. I do like the new angled brush that is in it and it is nice for applying the product.




  1. nice color of blush !!

    1. It's lovely just a pity it doesn't suit me! :D

  2. Looks lovely! But I suppose you have to try around until you find the one that suits you..must get a new one soon again too :)

    1. I have a few that I really like and I bought one recently from Sleek that I would compare to the Rockateur but suits me much better as there is more a pink tone to it. xx

  3. I always find Benefit products so overpriced. It looks lovely in the pan but I agree a little orange swatched.

    1. I have taken to putting on moon beam underneath and then Rockateur with a pink blush mixed in, all because it cost so much and I don't want it to just sit there on my dresser going to waste! x

  4. It looks gorgeous but I was worried about the colour and my pale skin. Think I'll have to go and swatch it.
    Great review Joannaloves

    1. I would definitely say get it swatched and ask the girls at the counter to try it on you. I liked it when the girl put it on but the minute I went into a different light it was so orange! x


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