LUSH: Luxury Lush Pud

I was in LUSH heaven last night when I tried out my new bath bomb!

Luxury Lush Pud
The Product:
A Lush bath bomb just in time for Christmas! This is a Lil' Pudding is just beautiful with it's pastel colours and relaxing lavender. The shop assistant told me this is good just before bed to help with relaxing. The bath bomb itself looks really pretty and christmassy just to help get me in the spirit.

Overall Verdict:
The whole bath bomb fizzed up really quick and gave beautiful swirls of pink, yellow, blue to finally make up a gorgeous deep pink. The lavender was ever so relaxing and I struggled to keep my eyes open the whole time I was in the bath and after. When I went to bed I was gone in 3,2,1 Zzzzzz! Then woke up with a toothache but sure these things are sent to try us. I will buy more of these before Christmas and give it a big thumbs up. Anyone that follows me on twitter may know that I struggle with sleep but have to say this really helped. I was worried with the colour been so deep that it would leave a stain on the bath but it didn't just a tiny bit of residue at the bottom of the bath that was easily washed away. My skin was also really soft after it too so extra bonus points for that! 

Final Colour of the Bath Bomb

5/5 without a doubt!

To see what else I got in my Lush Haul and coming up for review soon check out here.


  1. I've never tried anything from Lush, the shop gives me a migraine! Looks like a fun product, love the little pudding shape! x

    1. I don't blame you I like to get out really quick because all the smells get to me, but I just can't resist getting some bath bombs I just love them! xx

  2. I need to try this out!! I love lush products but I like how this helps you sleep too, as this is something I also struggle with! Great review :D x

    1. Thanks Aoife, I will be getting another one of these for sure. I have another review coming soon from my Lush haul :)


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