MikaB Teething Jewellery

I have always struggled to help my little one with her teething woes and now that I have a wisdom tooth about to pop up I feel like such a wimp compared to my little Lillibug. She goes though it with grace and ladylike precision unlike her mother who wanted someone to knock me out with a frying pan and wake up when the pain is gone. So when Dominika from MikaB Teething Jewellery contacted me to try out her jewellery I jumped at the chance.

MikaB Teething Jewellery

The Product:
Safe for babies to chew on and help with their teething and a fashionable piece of jewellery for mum, you will be getting a multi-functional product here!

There are 3 different pieces of jewellery to choose from: Pendants, Necklaces and Bangles and each comes in a range of colours to choose from. They are made of non-toxic food grade silicone which is also what bottle nipples are made from as well as soothers, and all the jewellery is BPA free. The jewellery is very simple to look after, as it just needs a quick thorough wash with soap and warm water and it's ready to go again. If you start to see wear and tear then it's time to discard your jewellery. The pendancts and necklaces come with a breakaway clasp for added safety and comfort and complies with EN71 toy safety standards. 

Breakaway Clasp

The Packaging:
Each piece of jewellery comes in a clear plastic pouch which I have been reusing to keep them safe when not in use. It stands out because you can see the jewellery straight away! It also contains a little information card inside. The whole package is really attractive.

MikaB Teething Pendants & Bangle

Overall Verdict:
I really like wearing these and thought they were really handy for keeping little on occupied she especially liked the bangle which she puts on to play with but as with anything she was never left unattended. Unfortunately she never took to chewing on them even with two painful molars making their way up. 

I asked a friend of mine who has a little girl of 10 months to try out one of the pendants but her little girl didn't take to chewing on it either. My friends said that it "Would be great for a baby that likes to be carried around".

I would buy this for any new mum as I think it is a wonderful concept that would work on babies from birth that are been held and like to chew on things for comfort or to relieve teething pain. If I was doing it all over again I would buy this for newborn. So for now they are a wonderful distraction for Lillibug. The breakaway clasp also worked when Lillibug yanked it from my neck and it didn't hurt at all. It has been wonderful to wear some jewellery again without the worry of a burned neck from it being pulled off our losing bits of beads from a chain that can become a choking hazard. For mums with very young babies this product would be a great little investment.

Bangles €9.50
Pendants €12.50
Necklaces €16.50

MikaB Teething Jewellery http://www.mikabteethingjewellery.ie/ 
Follow Mika B Teething Jewellery on Twitter https://twitter.com/MikaBtjewellery


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