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I came across The Early Years Boutique on Twitter and quickly followed after I checked out their website. I then got chatting to ??? from The Early Years Boutique and discovered there is only a month between our two toddlers. My little girl is turning two on Saturday and Emma was really helpful in suggesting a few pressies that she might like, so I thought I might share them with you........

The Early Years boutique provides an Online Marketplace, through their website, where small businesses, craft makers and mumtrepeneurs can sell their products.

1. The Musical Princess Box £14.99 by Little Buttons Boutique @ The Early Years Boutique

Cutest little Princess'
 I collect musical boxes/globes for my little girl so this was must and it was something I haven't come across before and thought it was so cute! It plays Brahms Lullaby which my mum always sings to Lillibug so it's very fitting. When you wind it up the princess' dance/spin around on top and just know that LO is going to love watching and listening to this music box!

2. Personalised Sleepsuit £10.00 by The Early Years Boutique

 I have to say I was nervous at purchasing this because it only went up 18-24 months but Emma put that doubt out of my head when she told me they are big fitting and her little one who is also tall for her age still has plenty of room so I went ahead and put it in the basket. When it arrived I was delighted and the material is so soft and a very big fit. The stitching is really well done and can't see the letters fraying even after months of washing, it is so well done.

Both the items I got arrived wrapped so nicely that I didn't want to open them, but alas they had to be and I am just delighted with what was inside as you can see from above.

I will order again without a doubt from The Early Years Boutique and I have already earmarked a few things for next order. When living in Ireland and ordering from a U.K website everything is in sterling and sometimes it's hard to know what exchange rate a company use but not with The Early Years Boutique. They show the exchange rate at checkout so there won't be any surprises when you check your bank statement, which is something I really appreciated as an Irish customer.

You can check out The Early Years Boutique website
You can also follow The Early Years Boutique on Twitter
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  1. Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it :)))) xx

    1. Absolutely no problem it was my pleasure, I was really so delighted with what we got and the whole process of ordering. Thanks for taking the time to read it and commenting xx

  2. these are adorable!
    Happy birthday Lo!! xxx

    1. Thanks Aoife :) Lillibug had a wonderful birthday & loved her pressies, we went to Dublin Zoo as well which went down a treat! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Makeup Monster, LO got spoilt for her birthday! x


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