Guinot Hydradermie 2 Facial at Sam McCauley Beauty Salon & Spa

I was recently invited by Sam McCauley to review the Guinot Hydradermie 2 Facial at their Salon in Redmond Square, Wexford. To say I was a excited would be an understatement! I haven't had a facial in over 5 years at this stage due to bad experiences and the fact that I've never been easily pleased by facials, so I have to say I was nervous about this, especially as a current is used across your face! However I had no need for worrying as this was the best facial I have ever had!

The Brand:

Guinot was founded in France by René Guinot over 40 years ago who was a well known chemist (get me and my facts! Who knew?). He wanted to create a treatment that would be focused on the skin which led to the creation of Hydradermie. This resulted in René Guinot creating products that could be used by woman at home to compliment the professional treatments.

Picture Credit: Sam McCauley Chemists 

The Setting:
Sam McCauley Beauty Salon and Spa have a wonderful salon on their first floor of Redmond Sq. In all my years I have never stepped foot in it until last week. There is a fresh, yet warm welcome feeling to the salon when you walk in and the staff are extremely friendly. I had to fill in a form about medication and allergies and once that was done, I was led down a hallway to a room. I did mention to Michelle (beauty therapist) that I could breath properly for the first time the minute I walked in. The oils that were burning were just so relaxing and seemed to help my breathing. The treatment table that I was on was heated and blankets put on me and so it begins........

Guinot Hydradermie 2 The Super Star Treatment:

Michelle asked me questions about my skin and asked if I had any concerns or problem areas on my face, so I explained about my health and medications that I am on and how they are playing an effect on my skin. So from there Michelle customised the treatment I would be getting for my dry skin/eczema. I needed my skin to be hydrated again!

Unique to Guinot is the Hydraderm machine which helps along the Guinot products which deep clean, oxygenate, and regenerate the skin. With regular treatments this will offer immediate and lasting results to give you a healthy complexion. This exclusive treatment uses galvanic (electric cell energy. Think of a car battery.) and high frequencies. The double ionisation penetrates the active ingredients into the skin for optimal results.

This is customised to the clients needs so it doesn't matter if your skin is mature/normal/dehydrated/oily or sensitive, there is something for everyone.

The Process:

Once my treatment was customised and products chosen, my skin was cleansed and exfoliated and the machine then comes into play with its galvanic and high frequencies. The little roller balls (sorry I have no idea if there is a proper term for them) were then rolled along my face and neck to oxygenate and create an antiseptic effect (Sorry to Michelle if I got that wrong, but I was so relaxed at this stage). I found it to be very relaxing and soothing on my skin. Michelle did ask (and warned before treatment began) if the frequency was to high as it can feel like the hairs (especially the one around the eyes) are being pulled and can be a little uncomfortable. As far as I can remember, I only once asked for it to come down a notch. The rollers are + and - which are done 4 times across the face, neck and decolletage with two switch overs so both sides of your face are evenly done (hope that makes sense to you all).

Then a mask is put on which is left in place while I had a relaxing massage! I was then left for 10 minutes to relax or in my case doze off. To finish off the whole experience a moisturiser is put on.

Beauty Prescription:
When I was finished I was talked through the products that were recommended for me and written on a prescription which I took for future reference (or to leave around for hubby to see, brilliant idea love it!). I was also given a key fob for Beauty Bonuses. This means I can earn points with my next facial or treatment and build up the points for some beauty treats.

Overall Verdict:
I have to admit I didn't hold out much hope for this as I have never had a good experience with facials but straight after having it done and looking in the mirror I did notice a definite improvement in my skin. I was told not to touch my face for as long as possible so as not to put bacteria on it, and let the products do their work.

So the next day I could not believe the major improvement in my skin. It looked like a year of illness and sleepless nights had disappeared and my skin was glowing and looked plumper, younger and overall just healthy. I had the treatment done just over a week ago and I'm still happy with the results. I had no redness or spots since then and my skin still has a glow, skin tone even, and really fresh looking. Another thing of note is that my makeup is going on flawlessly. I am so happy with this that I have booked in for another facial! I couldn't afford this all the time especially as it is recommended to get this done every 4-6 weeks, but my goodness this was a brilliant experience.

1hr 15mins of pure relaxation

€56.95 or for a course of six €279.95


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  1. Wonderful report! We are honoured for the words you reserved for Guinot!
    Best regards
    Guinot Italia Staff

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! I am delighted with the results and it was my pleasure to write all about my experience and results with the Hydradermie Facial. x

  2. Great review! I love a good facial but like you I am always so nervous going in! I used to spend all my money in Sam McCawley's in Carlow when I was in college, never knew they did beauty salons too!

    Must pop down that way for a visit :) great review love xx

    1. I usually get all all my beauty essentials in Sam McCauley but never went into their Salon until now and I was really impressed by it all. I can't wait for my next facial, I'm going to try and keep getting them every few months now that it has done my skin a world of good :)

      Thanks for the lovely comment SquidgeMundo xx

  3. I love facials! I never knew Sam McCauley had a spa. Sounds like a great facial and it's great value

    1. Well they have converted me and I can't wait for my next facial :) When I was doing a bit of research I found that it was rather expensive in other places so delighted Sam McCauleys have a more reasonable price tag on it! xx


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