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I was delighted to be sent a Cleanse Off Mitt to try out, as a qualified Beauty Therapist, I have always hated make up wipes so this is a very much needed and welcome product to the skincare market. 

While I personally have never used make up wipes, I met many clients when I worked as a beauty therapist who used them all the time to remove their make up, an idea which filled me with horror!!
As many people are aware, the most important part of a skincare routine is cleansing, what is the point in toning and moisturizing skin when it still has traces of make up on it? Clean skin is vital if you want to keep your pores from becoming clogged and your follow on products, toner/serum/moisturiser/eye cream to work for you.

I double-cleanse my skin every night using a pre-cleanser followed by a cream cleanser and warm flannel so I was interested to see how the Cleanse Off Mitt would do in removing my make up. I have used it a few times now and I am impressed.  
It removed all of my make up including mascara with ease. As per the instructions after I had cleansed my skin I washed it with anti-bacterial soap and used the handy little hook to hang it up to dry. I washed it after a few days in the washing machine and it came out perfectly. 
I still cleansed my skin after with my normal cream cleanser so for me the mitt will be used as a pre-cleanser in my routine.

I would happily recommend this product and I have a feeling it will do very well indeed. Well done to the Cleanse-Off Mitt Team. 

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Cleanse Off Mitt is currently for sale on Beauty Emporium for €5.00 and is rolling out to pharmacies and shops in the coming weeks.

I would like to thank Eileen for all the late night chats and advice, we have had many a serious chat but a lot of laughter at the same time. Thank you for a wonderful Guest Post and I can't wait for the next one Eileen xx. 

 While working full time for a US Health Insurance Company, Eileen attended Beauty College at night to train to become a Beauty Therapist. Once qualified Eileen got a job working in The Spa at The Aghadoe Heights Hotel in Killarney for 2 years, where she trained in facial treatments with Aveda and Futueresse. Eileen is currently a full time stay at home mum to three little boys. Eileen love to keep to up to date with all things new in skincare and beauty and hopes to return to Beauty Therapy when her children are older. You can follow Eileen on Twitter where you are guaranteed a good chat and giggle.


  1. Go Eileen!! You're a natural at blogging!! Well done :) xx

    1. She really is a natural and hoping there will be more from Eileen in 2014 :) Thanks for the comment and will let Eileen know xx

  2. I literally cringe at the though of wipes being used to remove makeup bleugh! Being trained in beauty therapy like yourself I know how important a proper cleansing routines for your skin but sometimes its hard to find the time thats why I love the Cleanse Off Mitt so much is quick and efficient! Great post Eileen xox

    1. I have to admit I did use baby wipes after I had little one and I really regret it, I haven't used a wipe on my face since June and I won't ever again. The mitt is brilliant now especially when I am just too tired or in a rush! I will let Eileen know how great you thought her post is :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. It really is, keep an eye out for one they will be rolling out to shops soon or you can get one from Beauty Emporium :) x


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