January: My Monthly Story from Instagram

Hubby got me to join Instagram in January thinking it would be right up my street due to the fact I absolutely love taking photos. He was right I love seeing what everyone is up to and snapping away myself of completely random things and then putting them up for all to see. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking the logo on the right or click here.

1. My little Lillibug helping me with the shopping in our local supermarket. She loves to be the big girl and she especially loves doing the grocery shop.

2. Cocoa Brown Travel Size 1 Hour Tan arrived in it's pretty pink envelope which always makes me giddy. This will always be my favourite tan and now that it comes in Travel size even better.

3. My first PowderPocket Box arrived in January (review coming soon) and I have to say I was definitely really happy with it but more to come soon on that one.

4. Lillibug leaves things everywhere and hides things everywhere and when I was half asleep with my head somewhere else I ended up walking on her building brick. She thought it was the funniest thing ever seeing me hop around on one foot mumbling some unrepeatable thing under my breath. So no sympathy there for me.

5. New pajamas from my Mum (she is the best) in my fave colour and with a cuff on the leg, which is great for my short legs so I don't end up tripping around the place!

6. I did a big clean out of makeup and skincare and rearranged everything. I'm still not happy with things but my birthday is coming up in a few months and Hubby is sorting out my storage problem then :-)

7. L'Oreal #TXT Volumising Spray. I hope to review this soon so not going to say too much except that it took me a month to get my hands on it because it's sold out everywhere!

8. Burn! I got my bloods done for my thyroid and as the day was wearing on I was getting a burning sensation. I would have taken the plaster of myself but I just can't be that cruel so waited till someone else could and lo and behold a nice burn mark from the plaster was there.

9. Photobox prints arrived in January. All 248! I have been having great fun getting some albums done and I need to get another 500 printed next payday. Would highly recommend Photobox for prints and photo gifts they have never let me down, and it's so much easier doing everything from my laptop.

10. Sweet Popcorn is just the best treat ever. I remember as a child we used to get this in the cinemas but not anymore so when I saw this I grabbed it knowing that myself and one of my best friends would demolish it that night.

11. Minnie Mouse Tissues. I just can't walk past anything that is Disney related.

12. I was sick in January with a tummy bug and to say thank you to Lillibug for looking after Mammy I got her favourite Princess on dvd. For 4 days Lillibug did not once complain that she didn't get to see her friends on the Tuesday, or get to go to the park to play.

13. Lisa Heeney All Natural Lotion Bar. I have been loving this so watch out for my review coming next week.

14. Family night in with take away and wrestling. Such a great weekend. Loved every minute of it.

15. Pic of Lillibug on her 2nd birthday at Dublin Zoo back in November.

Let me know what you think of my Monthly Instagram Post would you like to see a February one but more compact? Comment below it will make my day x


  1. I like Instagram posts! Also the pain of stepping on a building brick is like no other.

    1. I am addicted to it now, discovered photobox can print them which has gotten me all excited :) yep building bricks are not anyone's friend once walked on or sat on lol

  2. What the devil is sweet popcorn?!

    1. It is popcorn that is lightly sweetened which suits me as I am not a fan of salty popcorn :)

  3. I love this post! great idea.

    1. Thanks Claire, I hope to do something along these lines once a month with my Instagram pictures. I might change around the format next time, I think it looks a bit long winded :) xx


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