Netflix Stream Team: Get Fit with Netflix

January Challenge:

So the first Netflix Stream Team challenge arrived in my email a short time ago, and I've been working on it for the last few weeks, so here it goes.

With the New Year comes great intentions of getting fit. The challenge Netflix have set was to try and improve your physical fitness while using shows on Netflix as a timer of sorts. Exercises have been tailored to shows that range from 20-25 minutes, up to an hour.

This was going to be especially challenging for me. Exercise isn't really my friend. Don't get me wrong, I can charge up and down the town while pushing Lillibug in her stroller but for health reasons, traditional exercise can sometimes do more harm than good.

For this reason, I chose to tailor this challenge to suit my own lifestyle. I'd been finding that Lillibug and I had been waking up around the same time in the morning, but the big difference was that while I took a few minutes to come around, she was rearing to go straight away and was sometimes hard to keep up with. So what I decided to do was to set my alarm approximately thirty minutes before our usual wake up time. Due to my aforementioned health reasons, I decided to stick with the basic warm up exercises, and the recommended time for beginners which was 20-25 minutes. I also decided that there was no point in having a show on in the background which required a lot of effort to follow so I decided to go with "Modern Family".

While it was a bit of a shock to the system for the first few mornings, once it became a part of my daily routine I started feeling great. I noticed that it set me up for the day ahead, and I was ready and alert for when Lillibug woke up and was ready to "go, go, go" (as she likes to put it).

All the exercises are available on youtube and the links can be found here:

After the initial laugh of some of the exercise names I did start to enjoy them and feel better for it. The only exercise I do at night is put the cup of tea to my mouth when watching some of my favourite shows!

*Disclaimer: I have recently become a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this I received a complimentary subscription for one year & an Apple TV (Box). All opinions are my own, and I will be posting once a month in relation to Netflix Stream Team. Stay tuned........


  1. GO YOU! Making lifestyle changes is not easy as I have been finding myself but one step at a time in the right direction is all we can do! :) I am a HUGE Netflix fan - I just love it. So jelly of your one year subscription you lucky lady! Keep us posted on how the challenge goes! :) xxx

    1. I have noticed that I'm not in as much pain after doing it, so that must be a good sign :) You have being doing brilliantly as well x You need to come down for a visit we can do our squats while watching Netflix lol xx

  2. Got Netflix recently, think this is an amazing idea! Go you for being super proactive! :) x

    1. I'm trying my best Hannah hoping to up the time next week to 35 mins :) Netflix is just awesome, I wouldn't be without it now! x


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