What's In My Handbag?

I have seen loads of bloggers doing this and everyone loves a good nose so thought I would show you mine. I know lots of woman do not like anyone near the bag, where as I would just say to my closest friends or hubby "sure it's in my bag you can go get it" .The look of horror I get! I don't have any secrets in my handbag I keep them elsewhere.......

My bag was a Christmas present from my best friend who obviously knows me very well to get me a handbag that I would love and fit everything into. It is a David Jones brown leather trim with suede brown exterior and silver hardware. I just love it!

Inside you will find:

My fave L.Y.D.C London mint green wallet from my Dad two Christmases ago and still in great condition even with a two year old playing with it on a constant basis.

You will also find......

My 2014 Diary, the Fairest of All blog notes diary, and a zip pocket for vouchers, stamps, letters and business cards, and then my selection of pens. The Angel bookmark shouldn't be in my bag but Lillibug found it and was waving it around and I had the vapours thinking she will poke herself the eye so I put it in my bag.

The essentials:

My new phone which is Huawei Y300, my strawberry shopping bag, headphones for my phone and a Minnie Mouse Tag that I didn't want to throw away. Spare glasses because I'm as blind as a bat!


How on earth did I even fit my makeup bag in there I will never know! The makeup bag was a Christmas pressie from a blog friend as well as the EOS lip balm both of which I love and are in constant use :-) It is the perfect size to put my daily makeup into it and it goes everywhere with me. Some essentials that were in the bag loose are my Tangle Teaser, Lillibug's comb, Nivea Lip Butter which is now going in the bin after Lillibug stuck her sticky fingers into it. Deodorant, hair bobble, and finally Colour Boost lip crayon which I bought after seeing a review over on Nurse Fancy Pants and it was my go to lip colour for Autumn/Winter.

So that's it for "What's in my bag" if you got to the end without getting bored maybe you could leave a comment and let me know if you would like to see what is in my makeup bag!


  1. Replies
    1. It's about the only thing that is at the moment :-)

  2. Can you come organize my bags too? You seem to have that part down to a tee:)

    1. I do love to organise a bag :-) years of practice has it down to a tee! x

  3. Yours is nice and tidy compared to mine,I have spare kids knickers and a heap of toys in mine

    1. I have the car for all that stuff, my mum and dad think rats would live comfortably in it lol I have always liked my bag to be organised that way I can pretend I am an organised person :-)

  4. Awww your gifts! :) So glad you liked them xxx


    1. I love them!! Will be doing a what's in my makeup bag next week so keep an eye out :) Your pressies are awesome thank you so much xx


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