Play-Doh With Lillibug

I was recently in Tesco with Lillibug and I went looking over at the arts and crafts section to see about getting creative with my two year old. We came across Márla (for those not of our native tongue Gaeilge Márla is Irish for modelling clay and pronounce Maw-la) and knew there would be fun to be had.

I initially bought one tub for €1.99 just to see how Lillibug would get on. She absolutely loved it and most importantly didn't try to eat it. So back to Tesco we went and we got a tray of 10 tubs so our imaginations could go further.

Lillibug get's her tea set so we can make snacks and food out of the Márla (have to say our fried eggs looked good enough to eat). We are trying to get the hang of making animals at the moment which has been a blob of a disaster at times but we are having so much fun. We use a rolling pin to flatten out the Márla and use different size cups to make shapes.

Most importantly the Márla has been great for Lillibug's attention span and she is getting hours of fun out of it. She has also started to say new words because of what we are making and she is starting to say the colours of it so it has also been great for her speech and language development. She has also got enjoyment out of stacking the tubs up on one another and making sure they don't fall over. I'm also getting great fun playing with Lillibug and getting creative with our imaginations. To see her stretching it, rolling, and making shapes is a joy to behold.

What do you do with your toddlers to be creative? Don't forget to let me know in the comments below.

The Play-Doh Case of Colours was €6.06 from Tesco and I have to say it was the best money I have spent because of the amount of fun we are having with it.


  1. This is so cute, I used to love play doh as a child! Seen some of your creations on instagram and they really cheer me up! :) x

    1. Thanks Hannah so glad that I could cheer up your day :) It really has been fun making them all with Lillibug so will try and post a few more on Instagram as we go along xx

  2. Lovely toddler-mama quality time :) My little one enjoys it for about five minutes and then gets bored, but I'm not very artistic so I can't make anything that looks like what it should be. Yours, on the other hand, are very impressive!

    1. Thanks April and here was me thinking I was not creative in the slightest :) I'm just amazed how my LO has taken to it so much and she is hard to pin down for long periods of time and keep her attention but this really has worked. xx


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