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I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to Stationery it goes way back as far as I can remember. I started my blog 9 months ago and went through way too many pens, notebooks, and folders, it all went out (major clutter happening) but then 2014 happened and I needed some organisation back in my life, so I went out and bought new stationery (well done me).

I like to keep track of everything!

  • Blog Ideas/Brain Storming Sessions (small notebook for handbag)
  • Blog posts/ Reviews (Executive Notebook)
  • Contacts, Events & Schedule for posts (Diary also for handbag, not pictured)
  • Emails, Letter & Cards (folder)
  • Anything LilliWhiteRose related (pink folder)
I know that every single one of those can be done from my computer but I like to see it all in my own handwriting. I have always done this even back in school/work/home and now for my blog. When I put pen to paper I find my ideas come quicker and that I get a better flow. The computer can sometimes drive me crazy and just like to go back to the old tried and tested way of doing things.

So tell me how do you keep organised for your blog, do you use apps, websites, folders? Tell me all about it as I can be nosy at times :-) x


  1. LOVE a stationary blog post! Mainly because I'm nosey and also because I just love stationary. I'm the very same. As much as I love social media and tech stuff I get all my best ideas down on paper. It makes me feel more together and organised. I 've got a random scribbles note book, blog ideas book, organiser, washi tape and colour coded pens as well as apps to coordinate my blog. The apps are in a post on the blog if you want to take a look. If you hover over "everything" on the menu and click nerdy bits it's in there - claire

    1. I'm nosey too when it comes to stationary so I'll be heading over to your blog again Claire for another root around :) I'm curious about the washi tape in particular now. So glad to hear someone else is like me when it comes to writing it all down on paper :) xx


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