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I recently got in touch with Hannah from Love, Life and Makeup Blog to get a logo made for my blog. It was Hannah's own logo that caught my attention and then started to see some of her other work and knew that this was who I needed to work with.

Hannah is a joy to work with, so laid back, funny and exceptionally talented. We did all our communication through email and it didn't take long after just a few questions on Hannah's part to come up with something I am totally and utterly in love with. To be honest Hannah listened so well and took everything I said into consideration she hit on what I wanted straight away with just a few minor adjustments (only because she is a perfectionist). Hannah studied Graphics, Art Education and Fashion which you can tell by her work and she throws everything she has into it.

Made with Love

You will see Hannah's Logo that she made for me popping up on all my social media platforms today and on the blog. I am so happy with the two ladybirds in particular as they represent myself and Lillibug (for those who don't know Lillibug is the pseudonym for my little girl). Blossoms are one of my favourite flowers and what was really surprising is that I never told Hannah that, but lo and behold there they are on the logo!

I wouldn't hesitate to work with Hannah again and I am looking forward to meeting her later in the month for the first time at a meetup she has organised herself! So please go check out her amazing blog for all your beauty, fashion and lifestyle needs you won't regret it.

Hannah can be found on Twitter/Facebook/Blog

Eileen's Corner, New to LilliWhiteRose!
Also something else new to LilliWhiteRose is "Eileen's Corner". Eileen has contributed to my blog a few times now, that I think I have persuaded her to become a regular so what better way to celebrate by giving her her own nook right here on LilliWhiteRose. While working full time for a US Health Insurance Company, Eileen attended Beauty College at night to train to become a Beauty Therapist. Once qualified Eileen got a job working in The Spa at The Aghadoe Heights Hotel in Killarney for 2 years, where she trained in facial treatments with Aveda and Futueresse. Eileen is currently a full time stay at home mum to three little boys. Eileen loves to keep to up to date with all things new in skincare and beauty and hopes to return to Beauty Therapy when her children are older. You can follow Eileen on Twitter where you are guaranteed a good chat and giggle.

Finally, you will find that I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday (fingers crossed) so you can have a regular fix of Beauty, Lifestyle and Parenting!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you like the changes that I'm making to give you a better experience when you visit the blog. Would love to know what you think as always so please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Makeup Monster, delighted to finally show everyone! xx

  2. Thanks for the kind words lovely, it was such a pleasure to work with you! I'm so glad you love it, its still my favourite header I ever made! :) x

    1. I'm honoured that your favourite is the one for my blog! I just love looking at it all the time admiring it like an obsession lol I hope we get to do something else in the future, thank you so much xx

  3. It’s gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Nora your very kind, Hannah done an exceptional job for me :) x

  4. I really like it Lilliwhite Rose. Very pretty and fresh. Good work Hannah!

    1. I am so happy with how it turned out, Hannah is amazing and so talented! xx


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