Review: Emma's Eco-Soy Candles

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles kindly sent me some of their products to try out and I was so impressed by them. I got to try out their 20 Hour Tin Candle which retails at (€9.95) and one of their Wax Tart Melts (€4.95). Both were amazing to burn and have in the house.

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles
I personally find it so hard to pick out candles because I come home to find that I'm allergic or Lillibug is allergic to them. If a scent is overpowering I get really nauseous, so to find that Emma's Eco-Soy candles were well suited to us I nearly jumped for joy! I love nothing more than hopping into a bath and having one of these burning on the window sill, or even during the day I find these to be really uplifting.

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles are handmade in Ireland, and I love nothing more than to support Irish! These products contain no artificial dyes, no synthetic fragrances, no paraffin or parbens. They are all natural products fragranced with pure essential oils that are clean burning.

The 20 hour Tin Candle was fragranced with Lemongrass and it was so invigorating and put a spring in the step and I used it all up. It lasted just over 20 hours so I was really impressed with that. The Wax tart melt was fragranced with Orange and Palmarosa I found to be sweet and had calming effects. The tart is to be broken up so you can save it and use as needed so I still have half of the tart left and still enjoying using it.

The fragrances are just so pretty and don't smell synthetic that you would nearly think you were in the garden among the flowers!

Overall these are winners in my book, and definitely going to repurchase the tin candle and have my eye on the citrus blend.

For a list of stockist or to order online you can go to Emma's Eco-Soy Candles website or check them out on Twitter.


  1. Sounds lovely, I love a good candle!

    1. They really are gorgeous! I love a good candle to relax and unwind with, I don't drink so need something haha

  2. It never occurred to me that it was possible to be allergic candles :O Glad you have found some that work for you now though. Everyone needs a nice candle in their lives haha!

    The tart melt sounds lovely, will have to have a nose at them myself now :)

    1. Yeah I've always had problems with candles and now Lillibug seems to as well. I come out in a rash all over my body and Lillibug gets a rash on her face!!! So delighted that I've found a candle that we can have in the house :) xx

  3. I love Emma's candles - it's brilliant that she makes them by hand, and I know that a lot of care and attention goes into the process. I have the Neroli Fusion tumbler candle, and it's gorgeous. Neroli is one of my favourite essential oils, and let me tell you, it's really not cheap, so to have it in a candle is amazing.

    Just following on from what you said Stephanie Barry, unfortunately normal paraffin candles with their synthetic fragrances throw off a whole host of nasties when burned, including things like hormone disruptors and carcinogens :(
    So, hurray for something natural like Emma's Eco-Soy Candles!

    1. I'm a big fan now myself Lisa :-) I can't imagine how much goes into the process of making anything like this, but Emma is fantastic! Hurray for all natural products and no nasties :-) x


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