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One Year On: Blogging & Opportunities

I don't usually write personal post but decided I need to tell this story.....

I started my blog May last year and to say I was naive about blogging would be an understatement. I knew my husband wrote one and I read it religiously. It was actually himself that persuaded me to write one. I just needed an outlet for myself, as I had given up my job to stay at home with Lillibug, which is something that I will never regret as I get to see her flourish everyday! 
As I sat up at 5am setting up my blog and doing research into it I realised there is a whole network/community of bloggers and I had been reading them without even realising it. I thought they were online magazines or targeted websites (you see how naive I was?). I truly believed that hubby (out of politeness) would be my only reader! I wrote to keep my sanity, to have a hobby to exercise my brain, to improve my writing, and to take pictures (something I have always loved doing).
Then Twitter happened!!! I found a whole comm…

Benefit at Sam McCauley Chemists + Preview of Benefit's "They're Real" Push-up Liner

I was recently invited to get a preview of the new Benefit They're Real push-up liner and They're Real cleanser at the Benefit counter in Sam McCauley Chemist Redmond Square! I can't lie I'm a regular at Sam McCauley's. I could nearly work there as I know where everything is at this stage and the majority of my makeup hauls come from there too. I have always stuck with Sam McCauley Chemists over the years especially after I bought my first hair mascara there when I was 12!!!

First up I got a treat of a make-upper with Benebabe Dawn, someone I have over the years recommended friends and family to go to for their makeup. I've personally had my makeup done by Dawn two or three times now and love her creativity and how she listens to your likes and dislikes. Her bubbly disposition definitely would bring you back time and time again. When I get my makeup done professionally I always ask for the same look but this time I just asked Dawn to work her magic, and that s…

Visit Wexford with Carlow Tours

With the amazing weather we have been having of late it had got me thinking about all the amazing places myself and the family love to visit. We love finding new and exciting places to go and show Lillibug the amazing heritage that we have right here in Ireland. We love getting in the car and seeing where we will end up but sometimes it is great just to stay at home. Wexford is steeped in history and with so much to show you all we thought we would whittle it down to our top 3 places to visit if you are ever here.

I got the idea from Bianka, the brains behind Carlow Tours. She is a friend of ours for years now and someone I know who has the same passion for Irish Tourism as I have. Her knowledge, passion and love of Ireland exudes from her every pore and with more as Gaeilge in her vocabulary than I have (Yes, I hang my head shame but that's another story). Bianka is Irish through and through, yet she emigrated in 2000 and hasn't regretted it since! I am so delighted that Bia…

Wishlist Summer 2014

Wow, I haven't done a wishlist since November! This is a long time for me as they used to be regular thing right here on the blog. I think I got to the stage of lusting after things and not being able to get them became annoying but, oh my, I have really been wishing for these 5 products. 
1. Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask €23.95 I'm a sucker for a face mask on a Friday night and I only started this regime of facemasks back in March but it's definitely one I will be sticking to. This promises to give radiant youthful skin, and hydrate. Yep my skin is hungry for it!
2. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana (30ml)  €61.00
I love perfume and each one I have tells a story. I recently got a whiff of this particular one last week at a counter and ever since I can't stop thinking of how amazing it smelled. Fresh and gentle with a light floral scent is about as detailed as I can go. I'm useless at describing perfumes but if you can, go check it out.

3. FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 €99.99

Summer Nails with Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish

I am absolutely loving all this sunshine we've been having the last few days and with temperatures soaring I've been dipping into the nail polishes. So I have picked my top three colours from Rimmel 60 Seconds range to share with you.

Firstly let's get down to the nitty gritty!
Rimmel claim that this polish dries in 60 seconds. Um, for me it doesn't. They also claim that you only need one coat. Seriously? That also didn't ring true in my case. For a dash of colour I'm wanting and a flawless finish I need 2-3 coats and it takes an age for them to dry (slight exaggeration, but it does take longer than 60 seconds). I do however really like the XpressTM brush which applies each coat beautifully. The biggest winner is the range of colours and how they just pop, so will give a 5 out of 5 for that. They look great on my nails including my toesies (but I'm not sharing pictures of my toes, you could all do without that).

Apologies about my nails they are currently g…

Mini Haul: Makeup & Statement Necklace

I was in Debenhams last week when I rang my mammy to see if there was anything she would like me to pick up for her (we don't have one near us). Funny thing is, she gave me a list of things she thought I should get for myself!

The first thing that I was ordered to get was the New Urban Decay Flushed palette in Streak (€29) which luckily hit the shelf a week earlier than expected. You get a pale matte bronzer, a shimmery golden highlighter and a coral blush. Expect a review soon but so far I am really enjoying playing with this palette.

Next on the list is Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation (€36.00). I had been recently using a tester of this and every time I wore it I kept getting compliments so it was time to get the full size! I have very dry skin and I find this works well with my skin and does not stick to the dry patches.

I finished off in Debenhams with the Urban Decay Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set (€14). I love their eyeliners and especially like having th…