Benefit at Sam McCauley Chemists + Preview of Benefit's "They're Real" Push-up Liner

I was recently invited to get a preview of the new Benefit They're Real push-up liner and They're Real cleanser at the Benefit counter in Sam McCauley Chemist Redmond Square! I can't lie I'm a regular at Sam McCauley's. I could nearly work there as I know where everything is at this stage and the majority of my makeup hauls come from there too. I have always stuck with Sam McCauley Chemists over the years especially after I bought my first hair mascara there when I was 12!!!

First up I got a treat of a make-upper with Benebabe Dawn, someone I have over the years recommended friends and family to go to for their makeup. I've personally had my makeup done by Dawn two or three times now and love her creativity and how she listens to your likes and dislikes. Her bubbly disposition definitely would bring you back time and time again. When I get my makeup done professionally I always ask for the same look but this time I just asked Dawn to work her magic, and that she did. She deserves a medal for working her magic on me!

Dawn went through every step with me from skincare to powder. Keep reading to see those steps......

1. Skincare:  

 I have always loved the skincare range from Benefit, but the Dream Screen was a new one to me. I did love it and the bonus for me was it didn't feel heavy or tacky and not a whiff of your usual suncream. My favourites out of the skincare range are Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and Total Moisture Facial Cream.

2. Base

The Porefessional is an old favourite of mine and always have one on the dressing table as well as a travel size one for the bag. I recently got Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW and find that it really suits my dry skin. Boi-ing was a new one for me and not really bowled over by it. Hello Flawless Powder Cover Up was also new to me and found that it clinged to my dry patches on my forehead, but I want to try it again as I think that could be down to the fact I haven't exfoliated in (cough cough) 2 weeks!

3. Eyes

I learned a new trick...Use Hoola on your eyes!! I asked Dawn if she could use Hoola on me as I had never used it before, but I was surprised when she used it in my crease and outer V, and it looked amazing. This is on the shopping list for Saturday. The Stay Don't Stray Primer definitely kept my eye makeup on all day. Gimme Brow bowled me over. I never really touch my eyebrows but this cleaned them up in a flash and looked fantastic so this is also on the shopping list. They're Real is my all time favourite mascara which I reviewed last year. Eye Bright looked great but didn't wow me even if it did open up my eyes. Then the piece de resistance...They're Real push-up eyeliner, I haven't felt this excited about a product for a very long time, I can't wait to experiment with this and create some different eye looks.

4. Lips & Cheeks

I'm a bit obsessed by cheek products, and I did post a picture of my collection on instagram a few weeks ago! I have highbeam in one of my Benefit Kits and love it I use it a lot and would repurchase. Hoola was new to me but loved how it buildable and it didn't go orange on my pale skin, and it got bonus points for doubling up as contour for the eyes! Hervana was stunning and very natural on my skin and lasted all day, depending on the way the light would catch you could see peach, highlight, rose and a purple tone, so loved it. Cha Cha tint was a surprise to me, it's not a colour I would veer towards but I loved it and gave a really fresh look. It was used on my lips and as the tints are very drying the cha cha balm was used on top for extra moisture. I do think that the balms are overpriced but if you use the tints a lot on your lips it might be worth your while investing, but for me it's a pass.

Now for the exciting news!!!! I got to try out the new Benefit They're Real Push-up Eyeliner (€25). On first impressions, I'm in love. Applying eyeliner is not my friend and I can't do a cat flick to save my life, never have and I was going to say never will but now I know I can. Beautiful matte black that was so easy to apply with it's silicone tip and angle I could now call myself a pro (okay maybe taking that a tad to far). I did find it unusual to hold and and it feels so light on the eyelashes that it feels like you aren't drawing on them. The thing I like most is that I can achieve a thin line and it pushes the lashes down to give a real close application! Full review will be up soon on the blog so keep an eye out for that.

I also got the opportunity to see They're Real Remover (19.50)! I have always had problem with getting They're Real Mascara off and the new eyeliner is no different so thank goodness Benefit have listened to us and gave us the remover! Dawn showed me this on the back of her hand and instantly you could see it breaking up the eyeliner she drew! When I came home I had a great deal of trouble getting it all off and the only cleanser that I had that was up for the job was my new Holos Love Your Skin Cleansing Cream

Call into the Benebabes in Redmond Square, Fairgreen or Showgrounds stores and have a FREE mini eye make-upper using the AMAZING They're Real Push Up Liner and Mascara - take a selfie, post it here on Facebook and you'll be in with a chance to win!! Just use the hashtag #reallinerlooksire and let us know which store you had your make-upper in because there'll be a winner in EACH of the three stores with a chance of winning a hamper!

Also this Saturday the 28th of June Sam McCauley Chemist Redmond Square are having a circus theme event to celebrate the launch of They're Real Push-up Eyeliner at 12pm. With special offers, popcorn and a whole lot more it sounds like a good time and I for one will be there enjoying it all.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and my thoughts on the make-upper and the products used. Just a little disclaimer, even though I was invited to have this experience I was not influenced in any way and all opinions are my own. If you have read my blog for a long time you may know that Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands, it is the brand that gave me my love of makeup even if I do have my ups and downs with them!


  1. Really enjoyed this post! Can't wait for Saturday! :D x

    1. Thanks Nicole, I really enjoyed writing this post I could have went on & on talking about it lol Saturday is going to be a great event :) x

  2. I wasn't a fan of the liner at first but I am addicted, can't get enough!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I never thought I would see the day where I would love a liner full stop lol This is just fantastic! x

  3. Looks like you had an amazing day lady! :) Loooooooooooove Benefit! That may not have been enough o's haha :) xxx

    1. It was just brilliant and it was on a Monday so it was a great start to the week :) Benefit is where it all started for me with my love of makeup so I was delighted to have gotten the experience! xxx

  4. OMGoodness hair mascara lol, I had a blue one! Sounds like you had a fab time. The new liner is so amazing, I've never been able to do flicks either so I'm loving it also really like the matte finish! :) x

    1. I had the blue one too because it came out the best in my blonde hair (or so I thought) lol. I really experimented with the new liner today and it's awesome and now that I'm used to it I can do a flick in no time at all. Miracles will never cease! xx

  5. Great post!! I wanna try that amazing mascara. This is a good one from benefit.

    1. Their mascara is my favourite, I'm never without one in my collection :) Hope you like it too when you try it out x


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