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Nail Care Routine That Got My Nails Into Shape

A couple of months back my nails got in really bad condition, mostly because of my health and the medication I was on. They were dry, brittle, peeling and breaking! I usually have long nails as I've never liked them short. So if you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me looking for recommendations of products I could use and any tips, and loads came in so thank you to everyone for the recommendations.

So I've been trying some old and some new products to see if I could  get my nails back in shape but I banned nail polish up until a few weeks ago.

Three products really stood out to me and after 8 weeks my nails are starting to get back in shape.
The first product that really helped is the Trilogy Everything Balm (€16.95) a solid oil that melts once warmed on your skin. I rubbed this oil in generously while massaging my hands, nails and cuticles and I think this has really helped. The Balm is a  great all rounder which I use on both myself and Lillibug for various skin co…

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly

The Direct Selling Association of Ireland sent me a few goodies to try and I've have been having great fun trying out everything. Some of the products are new to me and some I have heard of, or have tried out before. Today I thought I would tell you about the Aloe Vera Gelly (€16.08) from Forever Living. It has been one of my favourite items from this bunch.

We (Lillibug and I) have been mostly using this on our eczema. The colder weather is making it a little worse but find that using the Aloe Vera Gelly has given us great relief and find that it is really soothing. The gelly is a clear gel and applies lovely on the skin, and the minute you put it on it feels cool and soothing. This product has been fantastic for Lillibug's nappy rash too and I'm favouring this over another one we usually use. 
I'm definitely going to stock up on more of this product. I love the packaging too. The fact that it's not a tub means all you have to do is squeeze a bit out. No mess, no…

Netflix Stream Team Celebrating National Parents Week: What is FoMo??

From 20th to 26th or October it's National Parents Week. The aim of this is to highlight the need for parents to get a break, where you possibly can. With a two year old going on three barreling through the house it can be tough to have some quiet time and catch up with the TV shows that everyone is talking about. That's where FoMo comes from, by the way. FoMo stands for "Fear of Missing Out". This is where we have found Netflix to come in extremely useful. Whether it's me burning through "The Good Wife", or hubby's obsession with Raylan Givens in "Justified", we've both found something to pass the time. However it was only recently that we started watching something together for the first time that we've actually stuck with. We've tried to start a load of shows that have had great first episodes, but then the quality dips.

Then we discovered "Homeland".

It's the story of a United States prisoner of war who comes…

My Top 5 Blushes: From Budget to Splurge

I have always loved experimenting with blushers, I like how versatile and changeable they are. From cream, powder to stains. From pan to stick form and then texture to pigmentation I could spend ages experimenting, swatching and mixing!

Mostly I like a blush that I can use all seasons or that can be incorporated in some way, and what I'm not a huge fan of is stains but that is just a personal preference as I always seem to breakout in spots when I use them. I've being threatening to do this post for awhile now and I've finally gotten round to it. So here are my top 5 in order of price.

1. NYC Beautifying Blushable Cream Stick - Never Sleeping Pink

A beautiful budget friendly cream blush that I spoke of previously here. These cost €3.49 and I really hope they come out with more colours soon!

2. Catrice Defining Blush - Think Pink

These are so pigmented and has vitamins C and E in there. Really blendable and another bargain at €3.79

3. Clinique Cheek Pop/Blush Pop - Berry Pop

MONDSS Underarm Wear:

I was kindly sent these awhile ago and after going through a pack I think I can finally give my full opinion on this product.
I am someone who suffers badly with underarm sweat (thank you, damn thyroid) and have always found it extremely embarrassing. When in a stressful situation it gets so bad that I always wished I had remembered to bring a spare top with me!

So in steps MONDSS Underarm Wear an Irish Brand with a super innovative idea. These look like giant plasters when you take them out of the box and are pretty simple to apply the second time round (first time was a little awkward). There is no need for deodorant as these lock in the moisture and odour. I love these for times when I know I'm going into a social gathering, they are perfect for any special occasion, job interview or a long journey in a hot car and these help avoid the embarrassment of the sweat patches on my clothes.

Taking these off is another story altogether, I would advise that you follow the instructions…

Holiday Beauty & Fashion Haul

If you read my post on "What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?" you will know I was recently in Cork for our family holiday. We had such a fantastic time together, but of course no break away is complete without some shopping. I only stopped off in three places and I'm delighted with my treats that I saved up for.

First stop was Boots of course and I picked up just a three things, I have to say I was very reserved.
There was a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products when I popped in so I got:

 Maybelline The Eraser Eye €11.99. A tad bit on the yellow side for me but there is great moisture in it.
Maybelline Color Show €5.99 and I love this colour, lasting power wasn't great so would need a top coat next time for this.
Maybelline Colour Elixir €10.49. All I can say after trying this out is that I really want more for the collection!

Since getting my first taste (so to speak) of MAC last month I knew I had to pick up something else. I was in desperate need of a new foundati…

Competition Time with Dream Dots for Spots

Dream Dots are a new Irish brand that are here to rescue us from those pesky breakouts that we can all get. Dream Dots are a little dot sticker that have a unique super absorption layer that targets spots and helps heal, calm and protect. You pop these on before bed and let them work their magic over a course of one to three nights. The pain of your spot will be noticeably reduced as well as redness and swelling! What's not to like about that?

Dream Dots can be used by all, from teenagers, women and men, they are something to definitely have in your bathroom cabinet. They come in handy for times of need, especially when you have big event like a wedding and of course a big spot will appear the night before! Well worry no more as I have a pack of Dream Dots up for grabs. Follow instruction below and winner will be announced Saturday! Open to the Republic of Ireland Only.

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Check out Dream Dots: