Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly

The Direct Selling Association of Ireland sent me a few goodies to try and I've have been having great fun trying out everything. Some of the products are new to me and some I have heard of, or have tried out before. Today I thought I would tell you about the Aloe Vera Gelly (€16.08) from Forever Living. It has been one of my favourite items from this bunch.

We (Lillibug and I) have been mostly using this on our eczema. The colder weather is making it a little worse but find that using the Aloe Vera Gelly has given us great relief and find that it is really soothing. The gelly is a clear gel and applies lovely on the skin, and the minute you put it on it feels cool and soothing. This product has been fantastic for Lillibug's nappy rash too and I'm favouring this over another one we usually use. 

I'm definitely going to stock up on more of this product. I love the packaging too. The fact that it's not a tub means all you have to do is squeeze a bit out. No mess, no fuss. The Aloe Vera Gelly is a great all rounder for the whole family and can be used for so many skin complaints:

Nappy Rash
and so much more!

Have you tried this? Tell me what you would use it for in the comments below!

Kindly sent to me by the Direct Selling Association of Ireland. They provide information & support for direct selling in Ireland and promote direct selling in the home.


  1. Have never used this brand but aloe vera gel is a summer staple for me so great for sunburn heat rash and just a great moisturiser x

    1. It just feel so calming and soothing on the skin! Great all rounder to have around :) xx

  2. I really don't agree with this particular brand. I have heard great things about their gels and that but they also do a ridiculous detox diet that is unbelievably harmful.

    That aside the ethics behind the whole scheme is quite questionable.But Hey! if it works it works

    1. Hi Claire, thank you for sharing the info. I did find that the gel worked for both me and Lillibug on our skin complaints. x

  3. I've been loving Aloe Vera gel for my eczema. Never tried this brand before and I think that's a pretty steep price tag for a very small amount of product. Glad you guys are finding it helpful! :) x

    1. I've used some in the past and they worked for sunburn but none have ever worked on my eczema till I started using this one. It is pricey compared to others but in my case it's definitely worth having xx


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