Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Smart Stages, Crawl Around Car.

I was contacted by Fisher Price who were looking to send some of their products to parenting bloggers, and because of the great reputation they have built up with their products over the years, I gladly accepted. This was a "blind date" situation as I didn't know what I'd be getting!

Needless to say, when I saw the huge box that arrived at the door I was taken aback. When we opened it we found the Laugh and Learn, Smart Stages, Crawl Around Car. When Lillibug saw the picture on the front of the box, she got very excited. She absolutely loves pretending to drive so this was right up her street.

Once hubby & uncle Brian got the little bit of assembly done, I admit I was a bit worried it really doesn't take two to put this together. As she is nearly 3 years old, I thought that maybe Lillibug would be to big to get anything out of this toy, but I was wrong. When she first sat into it and turned the keys and the engine sound effect come on she was in her element. Her friends make a beeline towards the car too whenever they arrive over.

There's a number of "driving" sounds here when you beep the horn or push the acceleration lever. There's also a "GPS" which tells little ones where they're going next, be it the farm or the zoo, complete with animal sounds.

But it's not just bells and whistles. On the side of the doors there are activities too. On one door there is a hole where you can put plastic balls in and they go down a little ramp, and on the other side there is are shape sorting pieces.

There are three development stages, and the car makes different sounds for each one. From 6-12 months the focus is on basic words. From 12-18 months it goes into colours and shapes and from 18 months on your little one (if they're anything like ours) will be singing along to the tunes and making animal sounds when prompted!

So even though Lillibug got this at an advanced age, she is still getting plenty from this. For a child of six month though, the benefits would be great. It's stationary so a child learning to stand could use it for support with no danger of it falling over.. It would also encourage them to sit up when pretending to drive. I definitely think this would be a great investment piece for your baby or toddler and possibly a great gift from Santa this year. You will also need batteries so don't forget them!

Smyths Toy Store Currently have the Crawl Around Car for €77.99 reduced from €84,99


  1. I absolutely love this, the fact that it can be used for so many different development stages means it's a great investment. It's great that Lillibug is enjoying it so much :) xxxx

    1. It truly is an investment piece and it was interesting to see Lillibugs' friends getting so much out of it too! Lillibug loves singing along to it xxxx


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