Going Beyond Cleansing with Spongellé!

We are all after perfect healthy looking skin but with everything this can be hard to maintain. I know myself with a toddler running around the house that there are times I forget to moisturise, times I forget to exfoliate, and times where I just have to run in and out of the shower and hope that I still don't look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

These products were first introduced in 2003 and are 100% USA made, but they are finally making their way over to our shores! Each buffer has it's own one of a kind fragrance created solely for Spongellé.

Since becoming a Mammy I'm always after products that can be used both on me and Lillibug or products that are super quick to use, but where is the luxury in that?! This is where Spongellé comes in. "Oh what's that" I hear you say? Well I was kindly sent two products from Spongellé one is the Anti-Cellulite Body Toning Buffer and the second the Pedi-Buffer.

The sponges are infused shower gels and all the goodness that we love for our skin. So no more faffing about in the shower with wet bottles and dropping them on your toes!

Shower time has now become a little pamper session for me but without all the time that usually goes into it. Just soak these sponges and release the lather.

The buffers helps moisturise, protect, rejuvenate and I have to say it does exactly what it says it will do.

The Anti-Cellulite Body Toning Buffer (€14) sponge feels so luxurious. You use the soft side to cleanse and moisturise your skin then flip over to use the textured side for a deep lipo-massage. My skin loved this and when you get out of the shower you can feel this tingle (in a good way) on your skin where it feels like the blood is getting circulating where you buffed. This will last for 25+ washes and I definitely got the + out of it! The fragrance is Passion Fruit-Yuzu Aromatherapy and once this releases not only will you smell fab but so will your bathroom.

Pedi-Buffer Cleanse, Detoxify, Buff, Soften (€12), it claims to do a lot and it lives up to those claims. My feet are super soft after using this purple buffer. I will admit I don't look after my feet like I should, but this is so quick and easy that now I have no excuse. The scent from the Pedi-Buffer was my favourite which smells like Summer Lilac-Verbana Infusion. This should last 20+ washes.

I think these would make a great present. Money wise, when I sat down to think about I think these are definitely well priced, especially when I consider how much I spend on a shower gels, exfoliators and any other added extras for the shower.

Keep an eye out for Spongellé Ireland as they introduce more of the range to our shores.

Have you come across these before? Is it something you would love for those early morning showers before work? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Love the look of these sponges. Anything that makes the whole cleansing and exfoliating process easier is so welcome! Thanks for the post!

    1. I'm all about being super quick at getting ready so these were a welcome to surprise to my daily shower routine. x

  2. Do you know where they are being sold id love to try the pedi buffer sounds gorgeous

    1. Their website will be up and running soon, and if you follow on FB you can keep updated! Currently you can phone 041 9818736 to order :) x

  3. These sound amazing! The pedi one in particular.

    1. They really are I absolutely love them, the pedi is awesome! x

  4. Sounds great Danielle! I've just got a package from them now very excited to try them now great post x

    1. I hope you love them as much as me and can't wait to see your review on them! x


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