#GreatHair with Mane 'n Tail Mobile Salon Tour

Who can say no to wanting #GreatHair? Not me!

I won a competition on Sam McCauleys Facebook page last week to have a makeover! Well you can imagine my excitement when I found out, and magnify that by 100! I never get the chance to get glammed up or get pampered and except for an odd half inch trim whenever I remember (which has been twice) I never do anything with my hair.

Celebrity hair stylist Leonard Daly was absolutely fantastic and really listened to the problems I have been having with my hair over the last year and gave me loads of tips and tricks. Leonard explained about the products and what they can do for me. Just a little background for you all, my hair is dry and damaged and because I haven't dyed it in over a year I can kind of pretend that I'm going for the balayage look. I was very intrigued by the Mane 'n Tail products, especially as my mum is their biggest fan and I can see why now. 

The shampoo that was used was from the Herbal Gro Essentials range and, oh my goodness, the gorgeous scent was a winner for me straight away that I went back and bought it the next day! The conditioner was the Gentle Replenishing Conditioner which my mum has so I have to admit I took some of hers to try out (shhhhhh). The Detangler was also used which also helps with the look of split ends. Now as you can imagine I was in total heaven at this stage but I do believe the Hair Strengthener was used too. Leonard did my hair into a 40's style (my fave era of films and amazing screen icons). I loved it so much and can't thank Leonard and Mane 'n Tail for the look that I never thought achievable in my hair, but with some pin curls left to set while I got my makeup done it turned out amazing.

A few things I noticed straight off with Mane 'n Tail is that I didn't feel like I had loads of product in my hair. It didn't feel heavy and there was no feeling of residue from the products used. Usually my day 2 hair looks a bit grubby that I would be reaching for the dry shampoo but I didn't have to for once and I am putting it down to Mane 'n Tail. So now that I have purchased a few of the products I'm hoping to get back to you with an in depth review in a few weeks and also get my mums thoughts on them too and why she has been a big fan for a few years now. 

To compliment the 40's hairstyle the wonderful Leanne from Clinique in Sam McCauleys went the same route with the makeup. Who knew I would love a red lip?! The foundation was perfectly  matched to my skin and some contouring was used. Leanne also used my fave cheek pop blush but this time in ginger pop (added to Christmas list). I also got a lesson on how to do a cat flick which I have been practicing all week and I'm nearly there with it.

So after an amazing afternoon of getting this wonderful makeover I had a date night with hubby and I felt a million dollar. Thank you to everyone on the day as it truly was a great experience.

Mane 'n Tail are currently travelling around the country to help us all out with our hair no matter if it is short, long, curly, or just hopeless hair like mine. You just pop in give a few details on your hair and bingo they can tell you exactly what products you need to use on your hair. You can also enter their #GreatHair competition online here to win prizes but also get recommendations on their products and receive free samples in the post.


  1. Great post Danielle you look gorgeous the red lip definitely suits you! I'm a massive fan of mane n tail too their products are so good

    1. Oh gosh thank you Clare, I'm really surprised at how much I loved the red lip ;) I'm really enjoying the products that I bought the next day, and can't over the difference in my hair! x

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    1. I know how you feel and I really wished I had paid attention to my mum sooner when she raved about Mane 'n Tail! x


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