Lillibug: November Milestones and Favourites

My baby girl turned 3 last weekend and I still can't believe how fast those years have gone. She is full of fun, excitement, stubbornness and adventure.

We threw a little party for Lillibug and it was a great day for her to have family and friends around and she had an absolute ball of a time. I found the day very emotional and a lot of memories of the day she was born were stirred up inside me again.

I'm so proud of Lillibug and all her milestones over the last three years. Some recent milestones are:

1. She no longer uses her soother as of three weeks now.
2. She sleeps in her big girl bed and the cot has been put in the attic.

Some of Lillibug's Favourite things over the last month have been:

1. "The Polar Express": To be honest I'm surprised as I know some kids who actually were frightened by this movie when it first came out, but she is absolutely obsessed with it.

2. Role play: From pretending to be our Family Doctor, Princess or even a Pirate, Lilybug's imagination has taken off like a rocket.

3. Her imaginary friend called "The Baby": The Baby has no name or gender, but I have to make sure that "The Baby" is fed and watered and brought for walks along with Lillibug. The whole thing just makes me laugh, as it brings back memories of my childhood when I had an imaginary friend called Fiona!

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child or does your little one have one? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Ahh "The Baby" - how cute! My imaginary friend was called Belinda and lived in a hole in the lane :D :D

    1. Belinda is such a beautiful name :D I love the imagination of kids and the innocence behind it, wish we could hold onto it forever xx

  2. I loved reading this. Isn't it great when kids make up their own little games. My 5 year old nephew goes off in his own little world for hours.

    1. It is just fascinating to watch them from a distance and how they can make a whole new world exist. So glad you like this post xx


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