Clothing, Accessories & Homeware Haul

Well lo and behold I actually had an afternoon shopping! Lillibug was in the best of form on this particular day (which is a miracle) so she actually didn't mind me going into dressing rooms or having a stroll around shops. Believe me that is a rarity lately! I tend not to buy clothes for myself especially if I'm on my own. I really rely on my Mum's opinion (and yes I rang her while out on this particular day asking for advice) and I picked up a jumper & shirt. So I went to Pennys, DV8, Heatons and Home Store + More. This post will show you my clothes, accessories, bedding and storage.

First off I got this lovely jumper for €17. It's thicker than I expected so should keep me nice and toasty. I'm a cold critter thanks to an underactive thyroid so I love a cosy jumper to just throw on. I also got the statement necklace for €8 and after two of them breaking on me recently I need a new one (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

I absolutely love this sheer shirt from DV8 it was €49.99 reduced to €24.95 so I was thrilled with myself when this fitted me. I love the gold stars on it too. The heart necklace I couldn't resist for €2.00. DV8 is relatively new to Wexford and I hadn't really gotten a chance to go in until now, and I have to say I will going back again. They have amazing clothes, bags, shoes and accessories (you'd think I lived a sheltered life).

Oh yeah, I really don't need to explain why I got the two set of boxes from Heatons at €12.00, the fact that it has potions and lotions written on it had me straight away!

I needed something bright for our bed, just something to lift the room and when I spotted this I was running to the till. I have to admit this was in the kids room section was reduced from €20 to €8 YAY!

So who is going to join me in a spending ban? xx


  1. I love everything you got. That necklace is beautiful and I'm obsessed with that shirt! The little Lotions and Potions boxes are so you ;) Think I'll be joining you on that spending ban now!! xxxx

    1. Thank you Nicole. I couldn't resist the shirt and can't wait to wear it. Spending ban didn't last long so have to start again lol xxxx

  2. I was looking at those boxes online the other night, they're so cute! Are they big or how much do you reckon you'd get into them? Would they hold many big things like cocoa brown bottles or micellar water do you think? Need something for skincare! Well I don't NEED it, but y'know... love the shirt and the duvet cover x

    1. I will send you a picture on Twitter to show you what I fitted into the boxes. The boxes are really cute you NEED them lol x


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