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Lillibug's Toddler Favourites & Update (February)

Can you believe it is the last day of February already?! This month went by in a heart beat and Lillibug has rounded up this months favourites.
Dressing Up!

Lillibug is obsessed with dressing up and not just in her Doc McStuffin outfit or Snow White dress, really anything goes. I think the funniest outfit was my bridget jones knickers and my bra with a great pair of purple high heels (she may kill me in years to come for that reveal). She also loves posing in front of the mirror now with the hand on the hip!
DeAgostini Dinosaurs & Friends
Books are a big thing in our house, and Lillibug has curated a great collection at this stage. When I saw this new series out by DeAgostini called Dinosaurs and Friends we were in for a treat. Lillibug loves her Dinosaurs and they have now found a place in her Castle and they come after her Princesses. She is loving the book too and loves reading it in the afternoons with me snuggled on the couch. This is going to be a weekly edition so I'm re…

Mother's Day: Beauty Gift Ideas with Aldi

Mother's Day is fast approaching and this year it is on the 15th of March! Mother's Day is about honouring our Mums, and celebrating the maternal bonds that we all have with ours. This year Aldi have us all sorted with some "Special Buys" that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces! As a Mum who loves all things beauty I really like what they have in store from this Sunday the 1st of March, and it is all very affordable.

The following all contain Argan Oil which comes from a plant unique to Morocco and has great moisturising properties for our skin.
LACURA ANTI-AGEING ARGAN OIL DAY AND NIGHT CREAM (€3.99 each)  Ahem, I can't say I'm too young for some Anti-Ageing Day & night cream to improve my skin elasticity, and get some moisture back into my skin. For €3.99 you can't go wrong.
I'm a sucker for a handcream and this would be right up my street so I'll be hightailing it into Aldi this Sunday to pick up a n…

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polishes

Over Christmas my local Sam McCauley Chemist had a Wet n Wild stand, so of course I couldn't walk by without making a sneaky purchase. I picked three colours with the thoughts of using them for spring and summer.

All three are opaque and were easily applied using two coats. I did apply a topcoat later as I wanted them to have a bit more shine from them. Two downfalls for me with these polishes is I found that the formula dried out my nails badly so I would recommend a good base coat. Secondly they chipped really easily but with a topcoat they were fine and lasted 3-4 days, which in my book is good.

For less than €3 a bottle and a huge selection to choose from I am sure I will pick up more along the way. Just remember though, that a basecoat and topcoat would be a good idea.
I do really love the colours especially the purple On a Trip shade!

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser

I had heard of Ole Henriksen through American beauty bloggers mostly, but never paid much attention as it wasn't readily available to us here in Ireland. Then I noticed last November that Debenhams had a lot of the products from Ole Henriksen new to their website, so after a dozen hints hubby bought me a set for our wedding Anniversary back in December. If you would like me to a run down on the products in a separate post just let me know. Today however I want to tell you about the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser 3 in 1 cleansing gelĂ©e, which is available for €28.00 for 100ml on the Debenhams website.

I have to say that this cleanser has been amazing on my skin. It comes out of the pot like an orange jelly, but once massaged into your skin it turns to oil. Then to top that off once you add warm water it turns to a milk. It disintegrates my makeup, and leaves my skin feel nourished, soft and hydrated.
It contains Vitamin C to brighten and support natural collagen, Rose hip oil to help…

L'Oreal Miss Manga (Punky)

A mascara not for the faint hearted!

I love trying out new mascaras, and when I saw this shiny lime green packaging looking at me of course I had to purchase! One thing I can say without a doubt about this mascara is how unique it is. The mascara aims to give you volume and spiky, punky lashes. The wand is plastic and has a conical shape brush that catches all your lashes from the base, which leaves clumps of very black mascara that feels icky (that's just not for me). The bristles are well spaced apart to provide the punky look.

Overall, I'm not a fan of this mascara. The wand picks up so much product that it feels and looks gloopy. Yes that's the look it is meant to give but nope, just not for me. My lashes did look like they had more volume and length but the whole spiky thing was inconsistent. It would either work out or not work out depending on the day (lashes looked nothing like the model). As the day wore on the mascara really dried out on my lashes which left me…

#NOTD - Nails Inc Crown Court for this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and I think this wonderful colour from Nails Inc called Crown Court is going to be perfect to add a little bit of sparkle.

I really love the packaging of this particular Nails Inc bottle with purple stones to match the colour of the polish itself, and then the diamond style stones to make it sparkle even more. The brush itself was thinner than what I am used to using but it gives a more precise application and I'm starting to get the hang of it now.

It could be just me, but I think this shade is very sultry and I love the high shine that I was left with. I also (as always!) had to break it up with some sparkle on my ring finger, so I used Nails Inc Special Effect in Derby Gate which has pinkish confetti flecks.

I finally finished off with the Nails Inc Caviar Topcoat which is so unbelievably strong and kept my nails from chipping for a whole five days (believe me that is a miracle). I also really like the brush on the caviar topcoat as it fa…

NEW! Ziaja Olive Leaf Face & Body Collection

Ziaja are celebrating 25 years since it was founded by two Polish pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja. So to mark the 25 years, Ziaja have brought out the new Olive Leaf Face and Body Collection.

The range reflects the ethos of creating the best natural, simple and effective skincare.

Olive Leaf Regenerating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid: This was a treat to use at 69c, which is extremely affordable. I left this on for 10 minutes and found it to be really refreshing and my skin looked really glowy after. It contains hyaluronic acid and youth vitamins to revive the skin, and olive extract to soothe. I will, without a doubt, be picking more of these up.

Olive Leaf Gel Scrub Micro-exfoliating: This is the nicest feeling scrub I have ever come across with super fine particles for the scrub. I'm very sensitive when it comes to exfoliators, and there is only one other that I use in my skincare routine. This, however, I can already tell will be a cheaper alternative for me and is just as n…

theCream Nourishing Face Cream by The Pink Cow Brand

It is a rarity that I come across a product that delivers instant results but this product just goes "bam! here I am in all my glory!".

Let me introduce you to theCream by The Pink Cow Brand, a nourishing face cream. It is 100% natural, contains 75% Colostrum and what I love most 0% bull. It doesn't contain parabens, preservatives or alcohol, but is loaded with the goodness of natural occurring vitamins, folic acid, all 22 amino acids and trace mineral for your skins health and beauty.

You maybe wondering about the colostrum? It is a natural ingredient produced by female mammals 72 hours after birthing and has been shown to:
regulate the functioning of the immune systemlimit the deterioration of cells associated with the aging processassist with cell growth and reproductionregenerate various types of tissue, including skin(info from website
This non greasy (nearly matte finish) face cream can be used morning or night on your face, neck, decolletage o…

NEW: Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil

Irish brand Waxperts has a new arrival to our shelves and it comes in the form of this body oil!

Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil is an essential for us all to keep our skin hydrated. I've never been a fan of previous body oils I have tried but this is a firm winner for me. I was on the fence before trying as I'm so used to oils of the "icky sticky" variety or ones that leave a greasy residue. I always use an oil for shaving in the shower as this method saves me getting spots but I don't like the residue it leaves. Waxperts kindly sent me this oil to try out and I've completely changed my mind about oils now. This is a beautiful, lightweight, and quick absorbing oil that has found a place on my bedside table. I've been using this every morning and night and the scent of lavender (not overpowering) is really a comfort, especially at night.
The oil can be used to help sooth irritated or scorched skin. You can also use it for stretch marks and to hydrate your sk…

Superdrug Vitamin E Super Balm (Review)

Welcome to my 200th blog post! I thought I needed to mention it as it's such a big milestone for me and my blog. I couldn't have reached this milestone without the encouragement from you all and I hope you continue to read what I have to write about. Also I'm glad that today's blog post is a positive one so really hope you enjoy x

Oh my goodness! I have fallen in love with this little pot of joy and I have Nicole from Beauty, Lifestyle, & Ramblings to thank for getting me this beaut. I love this so much I went and bought a back up, and believe me that is saying a lot when it comes to me. 
You may have remembered that I raved about the Trilogy Balm? Well move over Trilogy this beautiful oil has just knocked you out of the ballpark and it comes in at a much more affordable price of €4.75.
The Super Balm can be used on dry skin, nails, cuticles and lips and for me it has worked on all of those parts. My lips, nails and cuticles are nourished and moisturised and look …