Lillibug's Toddler Favourites & Update (February)

Can you believe it is the last day of February already?! This month went by in a heart beat and Lillibug has rounded up this months favourites.

Dressing Up!

Lillibug is obsessed with dressing up and not just in her Doc McStuffin outfit or Snow White dress, really anything goes. I think the funniest outfit was my bridget jones knickers and my bra with a great pair of purple high heels (she may kill me in years to come for that reveal). She also loves posing in front of the mirror now with the hand on the hip!

DeAgostini Dinosaurs & Friends

Books are a big thing in our house, and Lillibug has curated a great collection at this stage. When I saw this new series out by DeAgostini called Dinosaurs and Friends we were in for a treat. Lillibug loves her Dinosaurs and they have now found a place in her Castle and they come after her Princesses. She is loving the book too and loves reading it in the afternoons with me snuggled on the couch. This is going to be a weekly edition so I'm really tempted to collect it from here on in.

Valentine's Day Teddies

Lillibug was super excited about Valentine's Day it was so so sweet to see. She was super happy with herself when she picked out the teddy on the left for Grandaddy with her pocket money and went and paid the lady. The one one the right is from Grandaddy and she won't go to bed without him now. Also when together she has to have the two of them sitting beside one another just like in the photo above.

Sorry about the bad picture quality in some of the photos I was having a bad day with lighting!

What are your toddlers loving this month?


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