theCream Nourishing Face Cream by The Pink Cow Brand

It is a rarity that I come across a product that delivers instant results but this product just goes "bam! here I am in all my glory!".

Let me introduce you to theCream by The Pink Cow Brand, a nourishing face cream. It is 100% natural, contains 75% Colostrum and what I love most 0% bull. It doesn't contain parabens, preservatives or alcohol, but is loaded with the goodness of natural occurring vitamins, folic acid, all 22 amino acids and trace mineral for your skins health and beauty.

You maybe wondering about the colostrum? It is a natural ingredient produced by female mammals 72 hours after birthing and has been shown to:

  • regulate the functioning of the immune system
  • limit the deterioration of cells associated with the aging process
  • assist with cell growth and reproduction
  • regenerate various types of tissue, including skin
  • (info from website

This non greasy (nearly matte finish) face cream can be used morning or night on your face, neck, decolletage or wherever else need some tender loving care, this is multi functional. I espcecially love it on my hands as it seems to make them younger in an instant by plumping the lines out. The cream was a saviour coming up to Christmas after I had an allergic reaction to one of Lillibug's products, and I could only use this as it would calm the irritation right down. The cream hydrates and plumps the skin, and I've noticed some of my fine lines around my mouth and eyes have improved immensely. It is a constant in my nighttime skincare routine, but during the day this works fantastic as a primer and leaves you with a perfect canvas for your makeup. It also smells like vanilla which is really pleasant. 

The cost is €49.95 for 50mls which is expensive but this creamy beauty is well worth it if you can afford to splurge as a treat to yourself. This was sent to me to try and I have to say this really is a beautiful moisturiser that does so much more than hydrate. I've been using this for several weeks consistently and even though I can't see inside the sleek bottle which has a great pump action, there seems to be loads left in it so it a little really does go a long way. I can't get enough of this cream and the fact that I noticed a difference in my skin after the first application speaks wonders about it.

The Pink Cow Brand


  1. This sounds wonderful, my skin is too sensitive and reactive to even bother with products that contain parabens etc. so it always nice when a company only use natural ingredients. The price is a well out of my budget but it sounds like a lovely treat for the skin if you can afford it :) xxxx

    1. It is on the expensive side but after using it I can say it's well worth it! I also have problems with skin sensitivity and I had no issues with this it was a dream to use xxxx

  2. Wow, sounds fab & value for money if a little goes a long way

    1. It does seem to be going a long way and I'm using it every night. I use two pumps and it is lasting x

  3. The whole colostrum-on-my-face thing does not appeal to me unfortunately but I'm glad you like it and that you've had no sensitivity issues! x

    1. I was a bit woah at first about the colostrum, but the stuff is amazing and has done wonders for my skin xx

  4. I really like the way you describe. A good body lotion is an essential part of a good skincare regime. So i regularly use sakare's body lotions.


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