Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No It Is My Little Superbox! "My Little Box"

I discovered "My Little Box" last year thanks to my mum after she read about it in one of her magazines and she turns to me and says "this is so you". Unfortunately it said on my mums magazine that it was coming to Ireland but so far it's only gotten as far as the UK. The concept, as far as I'm aware, started in France and they now have over 80,000 subscribers there. So thanks to the genius of Parcel Motel, I ordered my first one and it arrived last week.

This month's box went with the superhero theme "My Little SuperBox" and I was surprised to see that instead of the usual "Ms" before my name, it was replaced by "Magic". Once opened I was told to"Make Yourself Epic" and I'm such a sucker for anything inspirational. I like these little touches. Also I also think that "My Little Box" appealed to me more than others because it isn't just about beauty, it is also about fashion and lifestyle. After getting bored with other subscription boxes I wasn't too sure how I would react when I got this, but to my surprise I was over the moon. The overall design is very fresh, uplifting and chic. It possibly might come across as targeting a younger audience, especially with stickers included but I do love my stationery. Plus I know that if I don't use them, my little girl will.

The box was packed with goodies. A wonderful one size fits all t-shirt with "I Believe I Can Fly" written on it. A drawstring pouch which I think comes in every box is so so cute and inside it contained some beauty goodies, a magazine, and some fabulous stickers.

I really like the size of the deluxe samples which included Kérastase and Caudalíe. The Caudalíe hand and nail cream is gorgeous and is now in my handbag getting used everytime I open it. I also used the Kérastase conditioner which has left my hair shiny and the ends of my hair feel moisturised and nourished. Also I really love how it smelled like I just walked out of the hairdressers.
Also a lovely little Lip and Cheek cream stick from "My Little Box" in house beauty range "My Little Beauty". I liked it more so on my cheeks especially for a pop of springtime colour.

So overall the subscription box get two huge thumbs up from me, and I can't wait for next months box already.

So how much does it cost I hear you ask?

£11 + £3.95 P&P per month which worked out at €21.46 in the conversion plus €3.95 for Parcel Motel. It was a little bit more expensive than other subscription boxes but I was super delighted with the content of the box.

Does this appeal to you more with it being more than just a traditional beauty box? For me it does and I think getting one of these as a present for a friend would be lovely too.

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  1. Replies
    1. It really is, I can't wait for next month's box already!

  2. It looks fantastic! I think I'm seriously going to need to look at this! Love the idea that it's now all beauty. I'm a sucker for all things inspirational too ;-)

    1. It's fun and a little different so I like it and hoping that I don't get bored with it :)

  3. Not my cup of tea but I love that there are options like this for people who would like something other than an all-beauty box. I think I'd die if I got a box in the post saying "Magic Sharon" on it though!

    1. lol I think yours would say "Magnificent Sharon" :-D It wouldn't be for everyone I would agree but it's definitely nice to see other options out there. x


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