Closer Look at the Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that I have been posting photos of these polishes and the nail art that I've been trying to do. I really do love these polishes and the colours that have been added to the line up are bang on for spring/summer.

The polishes are for the most part quick drying, with a great shine. They are also great for lasting against the normal wear and tear that I can get with most polishes. The Rimmel London 60 seconds super shine are really affordable at €4.49 (Boots).

Go Wild-er-ness is a gorgeous lilac which can look patchy with just one coat, but with two coats you are on to a winner.

Daisy Days is a beautiful sunshine yellow. It has a different consistency to the others and went on gloopy. This also needed 2 coats and out of all the colours this took the longest to dry.

This stunning Port-a-loo-blue, is one of my favourites that I can see wearing for most of the summer. Make sure to wear a good base coat as this really stains your nails! This went on beautifully with just one coat.

Pinks don't usually suit my skin tone, but I think with Sweet Retreat I have found the perfect one. I didn't think I would go for a strong looking pink but it's a fun one for summer. I definitely got away with only one coat.

The Coralicious is another favourite of mine not just for my finger nails, but love it on my toes too. One coat looked great, but was left with a hint of staining, so you must remember to use a base coat. This one was also fast drying.

So overall, I'm a huge fan and I'm sure I will pick up another one or two over the next couple of weeks.

What would your go to summer nail polish be? Let me know x


  1. Love these! I have Sweet. Retreat, it's soooo cute!! Xxx

  2. Love this, and fab nail art too hun!! I never use base coat either but I must start!! Great review!

    1. Thank you GrĂ¡inne, I really am lazy when it comes to the base coat but that is going to change :)

  3. pretty shades!!

    Annie |

    1. The shades are fab and great for brightening things up for spring/summer!

  4. I love the Wilderness shade! Although that is one sided as purple is my favorite color. great review!


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