My New Favourite TV Show: "Once Upon A Time" on Netflix.

For a long time I have been wanting to watch Once Upon A Time since it's first release, and recently it just came to Netflix! So for the last 2-3 weeks every night I watched 2-3 episodes or sometimes more. Yes, I have become obsessed with this programme. Gone are the days of sitting down with the hubby trying to find quality time in front of the telly. It's all about me now and unwinding with something that I'm enjoying. Yes I'm selfish and I don't mind taking over the telly, but it's been so long since a programme has interested me so much. Plus, hubby is very understanding and he's made me sit through some things I wasn't into over the years, so now we're even!

Netflix has seasons 1-3 currently streaming and season 4 is currently being run with each new episode coming to us shortly after is aired in the United States. I'm currently up to date on all the episodes and itching for the next.

I'm a big child. I love fairytales, I love witches & wizards, and good versus evil. This series has it all, it has a great twist on the traditional fairy tales we all know and love, and each episodes ends with you wanting more. The beginning of each episode has a clever hint as to what is going to happen within that episode as we see something coming through the shadows in the opening credits.

You will see both the world of fairy tales and our world collide as Emma Swan's past comes catching up with her. Her son Henry whom she gave up for adoption comes looking for her and brings her into the land of fairy tales and battle to get her to believe.

The story is centred around Emma, Henry, Snow White, Prince Charming, and The Evil Queen. Each character is so well developed and it's not just the main characters but also supporting characters who are familiar to us all. You will see Captain Hook (I would just like to add I'm in love with the Captain ,ahem), Pinocchio and many more. Disney have a hand in this show, and it's a good thing they do because it wouldn't work without the classic Disney characters that they give permission to use. Not all of them are as squeaky clean as they are in their cartoon form, so it's to Disney's credit that they give the makers of this show a lot of creative freedom with these iconic characters. I don't want to give away too much but all I will say is that is a must have to watch for yourself when the kids are in bed.

*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and for this I received a complimentary subscription & an Apple TV (Box). All opinions are my own, and I will be posting once a month in relation to Netflix Stream Team. Stay tuned........


  1. I haven't watched it in a week I'm having withdrawals!!!

    1. I'm having withdrawals waiting for the next episode!! It's so good x

  2. We just started watching that! I'm enjoying it.

    1. So glad you are enjoying it Maud! I absolutely love it ;)


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